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I was wondering what it said on Erica's note to Dylan (that was left in the bathroom stall).

Hi, Nathaie...
As far as I know, I think she put that her mom and Kevin were taking care to Brazil.  We didn't see the note, but it was implied.
I thought you would enjoy this picture of Erica and Dylan.

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I can answer pretty much any question about 90210. I watched it from season one to the end. I felt like I related to the character Donna with her learning disability, and with the Walsh kids because they moved at the beginning of their sophomore year, and I did too. I graduated when the gang did, if I completed college when I was supposed to I would have graduated when they did.


I am really knowledgable with Brenda, Dylan, Kelly, Brandon, Mel, Jackie, and a little bit of Donna and David.

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