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1. What happened to Erin Silver at the end of the new 90210? Did she overcome her cancer and did she have a boyfriend at the end of the show? Did she mention Kelly, Jackie, David, Donna, Sammy, or any members of the silver family?
2. I heard Jackie was mentioned a few times after her death. Why and when was she mentioned? What happened to Nat on the new show? Did he mention his wife or son?
3.What happened to Naomi in the finale?
4. Now that the new show has ended has the 90210 franchise already ended? THANKS!

Hi Kristine,

Thanks for your question.  I hope these are the answers you were looking for:)

1. I'm not sure if you were actively watching the show right up until the end of their fifth and final season so I decided to refer to the following website as it has pretty much covered everything Silver had been through throughout the entire 90210 series starting with the original Beverly Hills, 90210 and up until the finale of the new 90210.

She briefly dated Naomi and Annie's brother Mark towards the end of the series and almost  had a relationship with Liam in the last season but it was very short lived.  There is more information regarding her relationships in website I linked below:

There was zero mention of Kelly at all which I found to be totally ridiculous as she was always very supportive and protective of Erin so I saw it as a major disappointment that not only did they not mention her during Erin's cancer storyline but I think its totally unrealistic that she wouldn't have been there to support her sister during that time.

2.  This is a tough one because I didn't recall specifically when she was mentioned but I was able to find that information online at

In the third season of 90210 Silver decided to organize a fundraiser for cancer to honor the memory of her late mother. Naomi tells Silver the if Jackie was alive she would be proud of her hard work.

In the fourth season of 90210 Silver discovers that she has the cancer gene like her mother and her other relatives.

When Navid's sister goes missing Silver says it's normal and she used to do it when she was living with Jackie and ended up coming back to the house later.

Jackie is also mentioned when Ivy is struggling with her dying husband Raj. Silver talks to her and says that her mother died of cancer and she knows what she is going through.

Re: Nat:

Nat basically randomly disappeared after the first few episodes of the new series.  A similar wiki article on him states that he was last seen Season 1 in Episode 4.  I don't recall him mentioning his wife or son and didn't find any info online with regards to him mentioning them at any point.

3: Naomi

Actually much to Max/Naomi fan's disappointment they were never reunited (again) at the end of the series.  Interestingly enough, it was also disappointing to the actress who played her.  AnnaLynne McCord had mentioned in an interview before the last episode that she would be uploading her own ending after the final episode aired.  This is a link to her uploaded video:

4: Sorry not to sure what to say about the 90210 franchise. The original series was a part of my life for 10 years and that along with the fact that they rebooted with the new 90210, I'm sure fans of the series will agree with me when I say I will always remember the show and that will keep the franchise alive in a way.

Thanks for writing:)


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