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Hi, I'm 16, and a huge Beverly Hills 90210 fan. I was wondering if you knew what the song was from the Anaconda episode from Season 2 when Brenda and Donna are sunbathing - just after Steve tries to convince Brandon to go to a poker game. I have the dvd version so i don't know if they have changed the song from the original broadcost. But any help would be groovy! thanks.

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your question.  I rewatched the episode and actually there were many times where Steve tried convincing Brandon to play poker but I think that you meant the part when they are sunbathing in the scene where Donna leaves and Brenda falls asleep.  

I know that the original episode they aired on TV had this song during that scene;
"What I like about you" The Romantics.

Here it is on youtube:

As for the dvd replacement songs its hard to say as they were not publicly released songs and as such, all the dvd music is performed by anonymous artists unfortunately, sorry.

I prefer the original music in comparison to the dvd replacement music.  If you are interested in watching the series with the original music it can be found on this site:

You can watch it there without downloading it and most of the gorilla vid streaming episodes are the original ones, you can tell because of the TVTropolis watermark in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Thanks again for your question:)



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