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QUESTION: What song is played at senior breakfast where they show the David Silver clip of him dancing?




Thank you for your question.  Sorry for the delay in answering but I have been busy and while I thought I knew which song it was I wanted to be sure before giving you my answer.  The song playing while David Silver was dancing at the Spring Dance *(Season 1; Episode 21)* was "The Best I Can't" performed by The Rave Ups.



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Thanks for the answer but I am actually talking about episode 29 when David and Donna are hosting the senior breakfast showing all of the past clips. See link below

@44:55 mark



Thanks the clip helped however the way its slowed down makes it harder to identify it.  From multiple sources the only songs performed by the Rave Ups were:

"The Best I can't"
"She Says Come Around"
"Respectfully King of Rain"

I'm very familiar with the first 3 songs and once I found a clip of that episode playing at normal speed I have to agree with you that it is most certainly not "The Best I Can't"

Here is the clip I found with the same song playing from the original spring dance episode:
It plays from 34:24 - 36:36 *(sometimes it tapers off during dialogue)* but it is definitely the same song.

That said, I listened to "positively king of rain" repeatedly and it just didn't sound like the same song until I found this version where I am sure the intro they played is the same as the version in BH 90210, but aside from the first few seconds of the intro after that it sounds like an entirely different song.

I am still looking into it as I think there could be two versions of the song which may explain why only the beginning sounds similar.  In my opinion though, I have always thought that I heard "Rain" as the only identifiable lyric in that particular song as played in the 90210 episode which adds to the possibility that it was in fact a rare version of their "King of Rain" song from the Chance Album.

I did as much research on it as I could for tonight and I wanted to avoid making you wait so long again but I have a tendency to be stubborn when it comes to stuff like this so something tells me I won't be happy until I figure it out one way or another. If and when I do I will add it as a follow up:)



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