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QUESTION: Hi I know you probably get this a lot but i am going to try. Um on Beverly Hills 90210 season 4 episode 8 called twenty years ago today the song that is playing at the party I can't find it but I do have some of the words and maybe you can help I hope.  I feel it when your holding me tight, loose control and it don't feel right,  I know you knew it from the very start,  I could be the one to break your heart.          Thanks.

ANSWER: Hey Mindy,

So I just watched that episode again and watched it from the point where Dylan was in the shower and Brandon broke into his house to get his parent's anniversary gift. (side note: I still feel like Brandon would've never gone to that extreme to get his parent's gift. Dylan was expected at the party so all it would've taken is him calling him and getting him to bring it, but I can always appreciate any scene with Luke Perry showering hehe.)

Here is the link of the episode online:

This was the episode as it originally aired on television with the original music. Though it isn't published anywhere online I was able to identify 2 songs from that episode:

1. Female cover version of "In The Midnight Hour" originally performed by Wilson Pickett. -
  Song plays from 28:00-29:30.

2. "What the world needs now" Performed by Jackie DeShannon. -  
  Episode ends with that song. Song starts at 45:20.

Neither of those songs seem to match the lyrics you identified. We are either watching different versions of the episode (dvd vs. original) or I somehow missed that song when I rewatched the episode.

Please let me know at what point the song starts in the episode.  If possible please use this link to view the episode to ensure we are watching the same version.

Thanks for your question,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you and mine is the DVD not the chance.  And the song is sung by a girl I just don't know who😊

Sorry the DVD music is impossible to find, I have tried !  You should really watch the original version of the series too as I think the music is so much better and set the stage for some of the most important scenes:)

This site is good for watching that show (as far as it being the original aired episodes)

I recommend using the gorillavid or daclips links as those are safe and load fast.

Thanks for your question:)


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