Beverly Hills 90210/Scott's death


creamcicle haze wrote at 2009-10-03 23:42:35
Its The Heart of Gold Band.  Also, that episode aired immediatley after the news broke Magic Johnson contracting AIDS

sphereious wrote at 2010-06-30 10:02:15
Ah Ha! I bought the DVD Set unaware there are alternate soundtracks on it! I have been looking for this version of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" Season 2 Episode 36 "The Next 50 Years"

Because I don't have a copy of it-- And I should... because that's ME!:)

"BOOTLEG" was an all-girl hard rock band that played the L.A.scene for a few years before getting signed to RCA/BMG in the early 90's. Our management got us the gig:) Which is quite hilarious to me cuz I worked at the Roxy Theater on the strip and saw Mr Spelling (and family) frequently, but approaching him for say a song on one of his shows would have never flown coming from a sweaty waitress:)Anyway, we recorded it FOR the show's people directly-Meaning they had us come to them to record on site, in a big news room looking sound stage- Quite stark and in direct contrast to the cozy atmosphere the typical recording studio about town had... Anyways, I imagine we were there by default. Paying a local band union scale (hourly wages) VS paying to license GNR's version of the song (& Let's not forget it's author Bob Dylan who gets paid regardless:) IS MUCH CHEAPER! Lucky me! Now, if I can just get my hands on one...But who to ask??

sphereious wrote at 2010-07-07 07:20:50
The all-girl hard rock band "BOOTLEG" recorded a version of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" for the  TV show "Beverly Hills 90210" in the early 90's... It was a great experience and very exciting to hear ourselves on one of TV's most popular shows!

Sadly, I don't even own a copy of the track! I would love to get an original VHS of the episode, which was Season 2, Episode 14 "The Next 50 Years" 11/07/91 I recently purchased the entire 2nd season on DVD only to find our track had been replaced-Most likely due to licensing issues...It is common practice to replace tracks that cost money with tracks that make money- Meaning ones you own or already have licensing for... Anyway, I am grateful for the avid 90210 experts on this site!

Suzi wrote at 2015-05-28 06:29:01
It was me! My band, BOOTLEG recorded it for 90210.  

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I have seen all 10 seasons of Beverly Hills 90210 and have every episode on tape to locate answers. My expertise is on the first 6 seasons and the characters Brenda and Dylan, but I will attempt to answer any question pertaining to the show. Please no scene/dialogue questions because they are very time-consuming and frustrating. However, I will be happy to clarify misunderstood dialogue due to whispering and such if I'm able to. I will attempt to answer any song question for the original airdates and syndication. NO DVD SONG QUESTIONS PLEASE. Please see my "Life Experience" in my profile for song question updates, it may pertain to your question.


I have every single episode on tape to find the answers. I watched and taped the show religiously. (All requests for copies of my videotapes/episodes will be declined.)
Update: The song used in "Crunch Time" during David's meth addiction is "Living In A Fantasy" by The Rainbow Band. Many thanks to the fellow 90210 Fan that contacted me with the info when they tracked it down. Also, the song used in "One Wedding and a Funeral" that Dylan & Toni dance to is "Nobody Knows Me" by Lyle Lovett. Same song is used during the scene where Dylan is crying while holding the wedding dress and then kitten. David & Donna's wedding song is "Spend My Life With You" by Eric Benet & Tamia. Same song was Steve & Janet's wedding song.

Pertaining to BH90210: fan since original airing on Fox going back to 1991. Saw 1st season from reruns & syndication.

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