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CJ wrote at 2014-10-01 13:34:10
The lyrics that are played during the scene are:

Deep in my mind there's a picture of you

I see it when I close my eyes

And just for that moment I suddenly feel

Like everything will be alright

But it's raining in hell

and it dont' stop the flame

You can pay for your pleasure

And you can pay for your pain

They're ringing the bell

And it's raining in hell

Beverly Hills 90210

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Carmen Curtis


Hi. 90210 is my absolute favorite show. I watch it at least twice a day, have my favorite episodes on tape, and can answer any question anyone has about the plot lines. Valerie, Brenda, and David are my favorite characters. I have met few people who love the show as much as I do. 90210 has been my salvation after a hard day, a way to kill boredom, and just pure pleasure. If you are curious about the character`s lives or little tidbits, feel free to ask me. I`ve been known to help people win trivia contests.

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