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Mike wrote at 2006-08-16 19:15:37
Brandon drove a yellow, 1965 ford mustang, before that he drove a big brown clunker, i am not sure what it was but he called it Mondale, and on the pilot he drove a brown Chevrolet Citation.

essie wrote at 2006-10-18 02:47:23
brandon didnt drive an oldsmobile, he drove an old mustang, and it was blue

Rigmar wrote at 2007-01-07 04:00:32
the first car brandon drove in the show was a brown chevrolet chevette ,then he had a 1982 mercury cougar, after that a 65 mustang the color was springtime yellow , then hes parents  got him a 95 gt mustang, and in the last two seasons he was driving a 97 gt mustang.

dhonnahhh wrote at 2009-01-25 17:42:16
brandon drove a yellow mustang convertible kelly and donna both drive 3 series bmw convertibles steve drives a corvette and dylan drives a porshe.all the other caracters do not drive

Ryan wrote at 2009-09-04 17:24:54
Brandon drove a Brown 1983 chevette in the first season it was called mondale he crashed it when he was drunk in the middle of the first season.Steve drove a 1990 corvette convertible and later on a 92 corvette vert. Dylan drove a 1955 porsche speedster. Kelly drove a Red 1990 BMW Convertible

MDE427 wrote at 2016-05-03 02:46:23
Brandon drove a brown Chevette i the Pilot episode, but that car was NOT 'Mondale' .... after the pilot, and until he crashed it driving drunk, Brandon drove another brown car, a Ford Thunderbird/Mercury Cougar, which was the car he called 'Mondale'. Then, after working the summer at the beach club, he bought the yellow 65 Mustang. Season 6 he ended up with a new (at the time) '95 Mustang that was black, and by the last season he was on, he had another updated '96 or '97 Mustang, again black.

He never drove a BLUE Mustang .... or ANY BLUE CAR. He didn't have a Chevy Citation (although it too was a compact from GM, like the Chevette) either.

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