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Aimatame wrote at 2014-04-29 17:49:52
The original question "why are the wages of some death?" Was "answered by asking a series of questions.  The first question was:

Why is water wet?  The word "wet" is a descriptor meaning "containing moisture". Therefore wet describes water.  This is no mystery.

2nd answer/question: Why doesn't it stay dark when you turn the lights off? Because the electric circuit which allowed the light bulbs to receive power has been switched to a position where power is no longer running to the bulb.  Again these are not difficult questions.

3rd question: Why is fire hot? This one does require an explanation of a combustion reaction.  In short, fire is hot due to the release of energy stored in chemical bonds.

4th question: why doesn't my car run without gasoline?  A car motor uses gasoline to power the internal combustion engine.  Without gasoline the engine does not run.  We could push the car down an incline and gravity would take the car to the bottom of the incline.

But these silly questions do not answer the question "why are the wages of sin death?"  Sinning can include lying and gluttony.  If my child lies about his grade at school or eats too much at the buffet table (lying & gluttony) it is not a foregone conclusion that I will put my child to death.  The fact that the bible states the wages of sin is death indicates that god (as described in the Christian New Testament)is a severe disciplinarian.  This does not fit my understanding of God.  I believe "death" means spiritual distance from god & not death of the body.

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