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Mohammad wrote at 2008-09-01 00:43:18
Dear Marilyn

You made a great error in your answer. First Muslims does not say that Jesus was Muslim as a strict term. It means that he worshiped one God (Alaha in aramic,  Allah in arabic or Eloh in Hebrew). Now you made a huge mistake by assuming that elohim (plural of eloh) means three or more. This is because you are not aware that in all semitic languages (Hebrew, Aramiac and arabic) the plural term is used to glorify the name. So Elohim means the glory God not three Gods!!! This is a very known fact to any person who have basic knowledge in semitic languages and the examples are numerous.

Your second mistake is that you assume that muslim symbole is the moon. This is again a cimpletely wrong idea. The use of the moon as a symbole started ages fter the death of the prophet and it is not recognized a religious symbole in islam. By the way the name of jesus is not jesus as you always say, it is Esho (in aramic yu pronounce the S as sh) so it is as the Quran says Essa (or as it is in the latin Essus) and not jesus nor Yashwa as the christian claim.

Kind regards,


Caller wrote at 2008-09-29 15:55:23
I just want to add a few points.

Firstly, Muhammad didn't write the Quran.  He was illiterate.  He spoke the Quran and it was recorded and memorized by the people around him.

Secondly, the Quran teaches that it was actually Abraham who named them Muslims, so the Islamic beliefs of pure monotheism was actually taught by all the prophets before Jesus, and Jesus himself. Remember Islam only means "submission".

One other thing..  The star and crescent was not the symbol of Islam.  Rather it was the symbol of the Ottoman Empire, which was centered in Istanbul, and historically it was a Persian symbol.  It was first hoisted by Muslims in 1453 after the conquest of Constantinople.  This was about 830 years after the death of Muhammad.

Marilyn wrote at 2009-05-30 19:01:26
Hello Caller;

You are correct, Mohammed dictated the Quran. I used the term "write" in the sense that the book is composed of his thoughts and ideas and he is responsible for the content. I used the term "writer" in the broad sense of the writer as the one who is responsible for the written product.

If both the Quran and the Bible were generated by impulse or inspiration of the same God, then they should agree with one another on all matters of import. I have done a comparison study on the Quran and the Bible. I have found these two books are not in agreement with one another on many matters of importance. The Bible came before the Quran, the Bible has proved itself true in fulfilled prophecies and many other ways. The Quran does not have a single prediction that has come true. According to the Old Testament, predictions that come true are the test of a true prophet. Thus, I conclude that the Quran is in error.

Monotheism according to Islam is Allah and only Allah. Allah does not have sons. In Islam there is no Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christianity claims Three Persons in One, a Triune Godhead form of monotheism. This is what Jesus taught, "I and the Father are One," John 10:30.

I am a Christian and I will adhere to the Bible as the Word of Truth and Jesus as my Lord regardless of the cost to my person.



Hello Mohammad;

The name Elohim or elohim also appears in other locations of the Bible and is sometimes translated as angelic beings.  According to my sources, the Name Elohim appears only in Hebrew and not in the other Semitic languages.

Since, as I stated above, I have found the Quran to be in error, I do not believe it to be the last word on Jesus' proper Name. Jesus is the Greek version of Yeshua which means "Savior." In English, the Name is Joshua. It has become common tradition to call Him Jesus though the other Names would also be correct. If "Savior" translates into Essa or Esho, then I have no problem with that Name either.

Regardless of whether or not the star and crescent began as the symbol of Islam is irrelevant when the practical result is today it has become the symbol and is used on some Muslim nations' flags. Once a symbol has been used by some from the group and has become widely accepted as the symbol for that group as a whole, arguing that it is actually not the symbol for that group becomes a moot point.



gentle_man323 wrote at 2010-11-04 19:45:44
I read Mariyn answer for Aramaic word Alaha.she raised 5 points.I will answer her point wise.

 point 1a.Islam was not there in Jesus time so Jesus Could not call God as Allah.The answer is that Islam Is existing there from time of Abraham.In Quran sura 22:78, God Says:"He has chosen you, and has imposed no difficulties on you in religion; it is the cult of your father Abraham".So Islam is existing from Time.Whats meaning of word Islam? Islam means Submission to GOD the creator.

 1b.Marilyn said its Muhammad PBUH who wrote Quran. She is again wrong.Quran is word of God of Abraham and Muhammad PBUH Couldn't read & write.

 point 2:Marilyn said Elohim is plural so proves Trinity.Here again she showed her ignorance about Semetic languages.

Will wrote at 2016-01-11 15:55:41

Your misinformation  is ultimately leading people astray from the right path, including yourself. You need to do more homework before you go around educating people on a subject and topic that you do not fully understand.

Read the Quran before you make judgements about it, and I would suggest the same to anyone who has questions about the Holy Book.  

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