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Csr wrote at 2010-11-30 19:25:32
If I may..!

I believe he was searching for a differente answer.

It's amazing to know that God says to Noah, as well, "Replenish" Gen 9:1.

I'll says this, believing that you know this, God, is a God of perfection. He even created Lucifer as a perfect creation, Eze 28:12. Why does Gen declare that the earth was without form and void, and darkness..?

Why does is say in the verses ahead, "Let" there be light, "Let" the waters...?

Let is a word of permission, not a word of creation. Something had happen to cause the earth to be in that state. Well something did happen; and, we find a snapshot of that information in Jem 4:23. The same picture in Gen; but, with more information.

Hope this helps.

(Jesus is Lord).

Mike wrote at 2012-05-23 05:24:54
Many people believe that since the word "replenish" is used in Genesis 1:28, this supposedly implies that there were already living life forms slowly evolving over millions of years. But a careful look at the word says otherwise.

The root for "replenish" is 'rabah.' 'Rabah' is used frequently throughout Scripture (226 times in KJV). It is used as "replenish" and "fill again," but also as "multiply," "increase," "to make great," etc.

The way the usage is determined is the context. The context of Genesis 1:28 is the literal creation of the earth, it's first inhabitants, and other celestial bodies, over 7 days. The root for "day" in the Genesis account is 'yohm.' 'Yohm,' when used with a numerical value, always implies a 24 hour literal day.

Furthermore, Genesis 1:5,8,13,19,23,31 uses "the evening and the morning were... ." Millions of years between the days would not be conveyed in this way. God didn't need to dumb it down (as some say), considering He made man with an undefiled and very brilliant mind.

Besides, God doesn't need billions of years to create a perfect environment, He can do these things in a very short amount of time. Jesus' testimony and miracles are a testament to this. Our God is a mighty God!

Check this out for yourself at:

Remember: compare Scripture w/ Scripture, & don't base an entire doctrine on 1 or 2 verses! God bless!

Lloyd wrote at 2012-08-19 02:46:06
From the dictionary in my Mac the following still implies to re-fill and not to just fill. (tried to cut and paste but you wont let me)

re plen ish: verb: fill something up again: restore a stock or supply of something to the former level or condition.

ORIGIN late Middle Englih (in the sense [supply abundantly] ): from Old French -repleniss-, lengthened stem of -replenir-, from -re- 'again' (also epressing intensive force) + plenir 'fill' (from Latin plenus 'full').

Barton Aaron Porter wrote at 2013-01-13 03:39:29
For the real answer to this question go to and see my video entitled: Genesis chapter 1 - Barton Aaron Porter.  

Artistry employs wrote at 2014-10-05 04:27:40
I had this same question.  In this time of environmental damage, it occurs to me that an all wise creator would have advised Adam, Eve, Noah and his sons to "replenish" in the sense of putting back what you take from the earth.  In our time, we plant trees to replace ones used for wood to build house etc.  Such environmentally conscious "replenishing" is a natural part of taking care of the earth.  

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