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hebrew not fake jew wrote at 2013-01-28 21:55:34
This is absurd to think for one minute that we are to do away with the old testiment and its laws and its sabbath, if this was the case then i can fornicate murder and do whatever else because i know i can just turn around and be saved, further more even the name you go by for the son is incorrect jesus was a made up name as well as god and lord which means baal, theyre was one name given and if that was so then how could it be translated to something different, there was letter j in the english language until about 500 years ago. Also the original text was written in hebrew if you go to that and translate which can be found online you would see the lies being translated. You probably also believe jesus was white with long silky locs of hair, the jews in isreal today were not the jews talked about in the word the jews were blacks and hebrew isrealites, isreal today has only been there for about 50 years and those people were droped off by planes.

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I can answer questions on issues about evolution and creationism. I can answer questions on how the Bible applies to every day life and the future of mankind. I have some understanding of spiritual warfare. I have a broad, basic knowledge of many topics and can answer general questions. If I don`t know the answer to your question, I`m not going to try and pretend that I do. But every answer a questioner receives from any person, expert here or anywhere else, must be weighed against what the Bible says and laid before God in prayer. Spiritual issues are too important to just accept what a person tells you without confirmation from the Bible and the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who gives a person wisdom. He will give peace regarding how to handle any issue or teaching if it is correct.


I am a life long student of the Bible and have tested its teachings under fire and found them solid.

I have a Bachelor's degree in English and Art Education. I am a mother, and I think that is an educational qualification of itself.

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