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ehjay wrote at 2013-04-08 21:15:13
Abraham was born in Ur in Mesopotamia and their language was  Akkadian. The Akkadian language was present C.2900 BC

until C. 1000 BC when Aramaic became predominant. Presuming that Abraham was educated, he would write and speak Akkadian when he went to Canaan C. 2100BC. His sons and grandsons would have spoken and written in Akkadian too when they went to Egypt C.1900BC That is simple logic.

After 400 years in Egypt, as slaves without an education, the Israelites would speak the language of their masters the Egyptians on the Exodus C.1480BC At the time of Jesus in Judea the language of the Pharisee people was Aramaic not Hebrew.The Sanhedrin were probably Hebrew speaking and writing. The Apostle Paul was a renowned scholar of the Hebrew faith.

Egyptian historical records are older than the Aramaic so knowledge of Canaan and Mesopotamia would begin with Egypt.

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