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Patti Mann wrote at 2012-11-11 06:47:39
After a great deal of study and research on this subject, I feel totally at east with this answer:

The apostle Paul was one who used the phrase, "being saved," which reflect the continium you spoke of and in Acts 2, it says,"And they added to the church daily, those who were "being saved." I Peter 1:1-9 paraphrase, "do not despair, as your salvation in an inheritance, reserved for you in heaven, which you will received at the end of your faith." When would the end of our faith come.  I believe it could not be any other time than when we die.


And when we die we lay "asleep" in our grave until the time of the Rapture of the Saints, when Jesus takes up the spirit of the dead in Christ first, then the spirit of those who are left behind. That is the moment that  we all become "born again," born again by Jesus into a new creation.  So, we have converted - i.e. 1) giving our heart and life to Jesus, 2)born again, as Jesus lifts our spirit from our body, and 3) the fulfillment of salvation - saved!

Thank you for providing me a place to present my approach.

Patti Mann

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