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Carlos Parter wrote at 2011-10-17 12:51:45
This is question that recently burned with me and I am an American.  Although this was answered eloquently it did not answer the burning question.  

Yes, man was created in God's image (meaning we are sovereign beings able to make our own choices and are after God's kind) but when you read where Noah's generation was the last remaining men, because all flesh upon the earth had been destroyed, you tend to believe they were all of the same race. So, where did the evolution come about that changed the pigmentation of man that some were quite pale while others were quite dark?

E-mail me the answer please.

rebel wrote at 2013-02-12 02:12:17
you are wrong, there is a lot of difference in races. bone structure, skull size and thickness. hair, lips, facial diff. and on and on. i think blacks and all other races but white came from apes or monkies. i don't know how it came about but no one knows for sure.

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