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Canadiangirl wrote at 2012-11-05 19:59:06
Finally someone else on the web agrees with the 7th day Sabbath! I have been persecuted, shun, ridiculed and mocked over this. I still need to learn lots about God's truth but I knew it from the day I was converted that the 10 Commandments were still important to God and we need to keep them ALL.

I hear lots about gifts of the Holy Spirit..for my own experience the holy spirit has changed my life in such a way that I hate my sins and I am turned off by worldly things this include secular music, tv, movies, bar scene and so on. No gifts though..Only a desire to learn about the Word of God and a true desire to obey God.  I have been converted about 6 months ago.

My first desire was to read the Bible and to find a Church that do all the 10 Commandments, to pray all the time but no real gifts to my knowledge, no gift of tongue, healing nor casting demons out.  

Hope the lack of gifts for the Spirit does not mean that I have the counterfeit one. But I do know that my heart and desires have changed dramatically.

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I will answer all questions that are related to the Bible. My favorite subject is Bible prophecy, but I also enjoy teaching about any Bible topic. Examples: The love of God, The Second coming of Christ, The Mosaic Law, The Ten Commandments, was the Sabbath for the Jews only?, was the Earth created in six days or many years?, Etc...


Since I was born in a Christian home, I have studied the Holy Scriptures my entire life. I have dedicated my life to Christ and learning what the Holy Scriptures teach. With over 20 years of studying the Scriptures in their original language, I will do my very best to answer any theological question with the Bible and the help of the Holy Spirit.

The Truth Behind the Lord's Day. Published (2010).

I do not believe any Theology school can fully teach what only the Holy Spirit is able to. There are many teachers, but only the Bible has the correct answer. Many today believe in many dogmas, but can they all be confirmed with the Bible?

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