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Chris wrote at 2012-11-08 01:53:43
I think one of the major errors that preachers make is to assume that they have the right to demand support.

The bible teaches that they may freely recieve after they have first freely given (Mat 10:7-8)....but not that they have a right to demand.

Believers have no 'obligation' to give to churches for the support of ministers....or they would not be FREE in accordance with Jesus irrefutable statement Matt 17:26   Jesus said to him, "Then the sons ARE FREE.   NKJV

Claims that New Testament believers should give more to the church than the Old Testament taught are also wrong.....the only sacrificial giving demonstrated was for the NEEDS OF THE POOR (ie Acts 2 and 4 was all given for needs and not ministry expenses or salaries) Peter and John later could say...'Silver and Gold have I NONE' ...unlike most modern preachers.

Most scriptures like 1 Cor 16 about laying up on the first day of the week refer to giving to the POOR....and not church organisations. The money therefore being 'miss-appropriated' for organisational expenses!  

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