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Dear Sir,

English is not my native language. However, I am writing a song and am concerned about this particular line.

The song is about my late father. At the end, I write in my native language: "May you bring the light to heaven above / Wherever you might be, your love is still here."

May I ask if the word "light" is appropriate for a person, or is it just for Jesus or God?

Thank you.

Hi Colin,
The word "light" would only be appropriate for Jesus/God and keep in mind that the Bible says if we are away from the body, we are either in heaven or hell, based on the fact that we either knew Jesus Christ as a close friend and Savior or we didn't get to know Him (Matthew 7:21-23). So from a theological point of view, God is light and the Bible says He is the source of light in heaven. The next line makes sense "Wherever you might be, your love is still here."

Glad I could help and thanks again for an excellent question.


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