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youtube/twitter : ClintFromNYtoVA wrote at 2012-06-04 11:56:31
Authorship most likely John of Patmos often confused with apostile, John. Was in direct competition with "The Revelation" authored by Peter rejected by religious leaders because it was too forgiving to those who repent. Jesus challenged the religious establishment for missing the point as it still does today. This challenge led to his death. Similarities to Daniel likely due to plagarism. Do not abandon your common sense. Jesus prayed in private to his Father in heaven, YHWH, never once claiming to be, God, nor requesting an act of worship. Petition your faith and pray for wisdom. You can do a little research. The church would have you believe they have all of the answers and you need them to access the creator. Let gratitude, praise, and a love for the creator guide you. Christmas is a trick as no scripture instructs celebration of the birth, only the death. Question the rabbit and egg rites now affiliated with Easter. Turn away from all that defiles what he intended. Forgive and you will be forgiven. If you live with guilt then have you accepted his forgiveness or rejected it? Keep his commandments and keep the rest simple. Your questions are the beginning of your journey to many truths revealed.  

ed wrote at 2013-03-01 15:55:07
The book of revelation is basically a supposed vision from John and this obvious fear mongering garbage should not be in the bible.Not to mention it totally contradicts Jesus' message of peace and to love one another and to love God.For example:How is it that those who comply will rule with an iron rod? Sounds like a modern dictator or back in that time,a priest.Or Jesus will smite everyone including children regardless if it their parents who sin.Totally not the message of Jesus.

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