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I asked a religious friend of mine why he thought so many people still followed certain religions; scriptures so intently despite so many advances in science.  He explained that, based on how the Old Testament was originally composed, in Hebrew, there is plenty of  room for science and in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  He said that, originally, the Old Testament started with “In the beginning, there was God.” Basically, he went on, all that statement did was acknowledge some form of consciousness, so, theoretically, the big bang and/or other theories could have unraveled from such a consciousness labeled as God. When the Torah/Old Testament was translated into Latin, phrasing such as “In the beginning, God created heaven and Earth” really eliminated a lot of scientific potential.
         My friend also talked about a left side and a right side, particularly the left and right hand. He mentioned something about wisdom and women being represented by one side, grace being another side/part...I think Jesus was involved somewhere.  I’m not sure if the head and neck had any metaphorical meaning. What exactly does all that have to do with? I found it interesting but can’t remember most of what he said. 
          Forgive my ignorance with this subject. I have questions, such as, Is there any reading you might recommend regarding how there is room for science in all three main monotheistic religions?  Do many religious leaders believe the  old scriptures translations to have been translated wrong?  Are the original documents supposed to be much more ambiguous? ...I am not very educated about Christianity, Judaism, or Islam but I have an interest in these religions and I feel it is my responsibility to educate myself about these subjects, simply because I am interested in people. I feel very overwhelmed as to where I should begin.
    Thank you for your time and consideration; I realize this is longwinded. I hope to hear from you soon. 



There are an unlimited amount of people with an unlimited amount of opinions. Be simple. Read the Bible and say out loud each time before you read it, "God enlighten me to know who You are in Your word". Eventually you will understand. Thats it. No amount of mental reasoning can touch things in the spiritual realm.

Good luck!

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