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was there any ancient mystery religion other than christianity had water immersion ritual (like baptism)and having bread and wine( like eucharist)same as christians do?

Take a look at THE JESUS MYSTERIES and JESUS AND THE LOST GODDESS, both by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy.  They look at how the mysteries influenced early Christianity.
    Ritual washing was performed by the Essenes, who were contemporary with Jesus.  It is also performed by the Sikhs. Judaism has ritual washing in the "mikveh."
    I'm not well versed in sacred meals, but I think much of it is to "consume" the body, or receive the energy, of the deity.  You might want to check books by Mircea Eliade, who wrote about the origins of religion, and also book on mythology by Joseph Campbell.  See, too, books on gnosticism.
    Baptism is an initiation and about every mystery, or occult, mystical school, has a form of initiation.  Baptism was an initiatory rite into the church.  Joel

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