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Scott, I do not understand something that God did if he knows all.  Before He created anything to include man, he knew some would not choose to serve him or believe in him.  He knew he would have to provide a way (Jesus) to make that right.  He knew that some would not (for various and many reasons choose the right way).   But before he ever decided to execute his plan in the very beginning, he choose to follow his original plan, knowing that there would be people that would go to hell because of their wrong choice.  He says that he is not willing that any should parish, but he had the power in the very beginning to create a plan that would prevent us (ignorant people from making the wrong choices that we do) that results in one losing their own soul in a lake of fire that burns forever and ever.  If God really cared for what he was about to do, looks like he would have made a provision for that.  I'm sure that many that go to hell, it will not be of their own choosing, it will be because of their ignorance.   I see God as a "Do as I say, of your own free will, or burn in Hell forever."  Personally, I believe that God would be more fair/just, if he would let those who make the wrong choice, burn in hell for as long as it takes to pay for their sins and then at least go to a better place #than hell#.   What is "just" about a person living for the devil their whole life and getting saved at the last moment and going to heaven for eternity and another person living for God their whole life and at the latter part of their life they find out that they are believing in something that just does not pan out.  They believed without question.  And while they still believe in loving their brother as their self, and treating others like themselves, have no problem with any of the morals of good living and practices it as well; in other words they live just like a Christian, but they don't believe like one, that being Jesus is God and raised from the dead.  They don't say it's not true, they just don't believe it is.  Bottom line is that person will according to the Bible go to hell and burn for eternity.  So a person who honestly believes in something, if that something is not what God wants them to believe, they are lost forever.  I am not interested in serving a God like that.  And I do not have a problem with that.  If God is, He knows I am being honest and that is what he would want me to do, I am not going to be a hypocrite and say something  to please others.  I am only interested in pleasing God.  That's why I have come to the conclusion that we do not have a clue of what God is all about or who he is.  His greatness is light years beyond our thought or imagination.  How can we explain his ways.  The explanation that we say he gives makes no sense at all.  I am not interested in the usual answer of most people who say God's way is above our understanding and He can do whatever he wants "because he is God"  So what God says is right or wrong is Gospel but if we follow his example, it's wrong for us.  I don't get it. His example of all knowing is very weak.  He created a mess before he did anything.  It doesn't seem like He had a plan.  Bottom line is it really looks like he #if he is# is not all knowing, because if He is, He definitely does seem like a "Do as I say, not as I do God"  I'm just being honest.  I lived a very good Christian life for 25 years and for the last 15 years I've pretty much lived the same life, I just don't believe some major things that, I myself would say makes me not a Christian in most Christians eyes"  I however still love just like I did and follows Christian values to the point to where even a Christian cannot tell the difference until I say what I believe now.  Well, I've blab on and on, but I don't feel I've scratched the surface on the deepest of this issue.  There are so many things that support what I am saying that make good sense.  If someone has something to offer that sheds more light than what I have discovered so far, I'm all ears. Let me be clear on one thing I have no problem with God's demands on good moral living and not doing the things He says, I just don't believe He is who man has said he is.  That's just our opinion and when put to the test, it fails miserably. An all knowing, all powerful, omnipresense God would get my attention.  What I've observed is man's best attempt at creating that but is no more than the greatness of man.  VR Paul


It's nice to hear from you. The fact that you reached out to me tells me that perhaps you're seeking. And God has said that He is a "rewarder of those who diligently seek Him."

Your view of God is not the God I know. I'm curious to know your religious background. Somewhere along the line, you developed a perception of God that is not accurate. Also, your view of Christianity does not seem to match God's definition.

Tell me a little more about yourself. And see if you can boil down your question to a few succinct sentences.


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