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can you tell me the meaning of these gospel passages? Write as much as you can. a.With the measure you use you will be measured.
b. Who is my mother, who is my brothers. c. See to it that the light within you is not darkness.d. Let the dead bury the dead. e.Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's f. This is a wicked generation that requires a sign
g. You cannot serve both God and money

Dear Bob,

You asking many deeply involved truths. I will attempt to summarize the answers but in reality they could have a book written on each of you questions. Anyway here goes.
a. The standards we use in life are the ones that will judge us. The truths of the spirit realm and the nature of God's spirit, are practically demonstrated in the flesh realm differently according to culture, environment, dispensations etc etc. The applied truths judge us, as well as those to whom we apply these very standard.We are warned not to judge, accept with God's judgement.
b. Jesus focussed on the spirit man, not the outer man. In spirit He was the Son of God, but in flesh He was a carpenter's son. His family were not long together in the flesh but His heavenly family (us included#, were to be together for eternity. The flesh profits nothing, Jesus said. It's over in the blink of an eye. But those who do the will of Father God are a family of God that will live forever.
c. Cults and error teachings are truths miss applied in life or wrong honoring of God. If our truth or doctrines are not really truth, yet we seek to live by these , then we are in no man's land. Darkness.We are blinded or deceived in life. Make sure that our light is truly God's light not wrong light which is in reality a darkness #Angels of light#
d. Dead spirits are the unenlightened. Let them carry out the duties of this earth whilst we get involved in the Kingdom of God it's duties.
e. Pay taxes, customs and earthly honors. To those to whom it is due. Respect and earthly families etc. We have to eat, be righteous and godly in our physical lives as well as in our spiritual lives.
f. Wicked people will not trust God but wish always to be convinced, thus lowering God #if it were possible# to the level of men. They are spoilt people, proud and arrogant #Proverbs 8:13) These will not be given signs or truth 'on the plate' so to speak only the sign of the resurrection. Miracles are for the believers, not for the doubters.
g. The way of  this earth and its value system is opposed to the ways of God and His kingdom. You either go one way or the other you can do both.

Hope this helps Bob?

God bless

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