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QUESTION: The following is something you had written...can you tell me where you get the 24 hours? Thanks

(When you are dealing with persons who are being influenced by evil spirits or confronted with a person who claims he speaks for God, you can bind the evil spirit and command it to be silent. Do this out of the human being's hearing otherwise the human being will get involved and foil your efforts. However, when you bind the spirit you must speak it, it spoken can be very quietly, barely audible, but it must be aloud because evil spirits cannot read our minds--Thank God! Say, "I bind you in Jesus' Name." If you know the spirit's name, such as anger or what have you, then name it. "I bind you in Jesus' Name and I command you to be silent." This prayer will work for 24 hours. After that time, you will have to pray it again in order to silence it.)

ANSWER: Hello Lisa;

I said "24 hours" because that is how long I've observed this type of prayer/command-in-Jesus'-Name to work.

In His example prayer, Jesus said, "Give us this day our daily bread." Other places Jesus teaches on focusing on today's needs, such as in Matthew 6:34 at the end of His sermon on worry, "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Thus, the concept of asking for daily needs to be supplied isn't foreign to the Lord's teaching. Also, when you're binding a spirit as described above, you're not casting it out, you're just silencing it. In order to cast out a spirit within a person or cast a spirit that's attached itself to someone, you must have the person's agreement, otherwise you do not have the authority to demand it leave--that's when and why you would silence it instead. If you have authority to cast it out, there's no point in bothering with silencing it--just get rid of it. Afterward, you must come alongside the person to help them become filled with the Holy Spirit or the spirit you cast out will return with many of his evil buddies, Matthew 12:43-45. In this passage in Matthew 12, Jesus does not explicitly say that what's needed is a filling by the Holy Spirit, but the teaching, "be filled with the Holy Spirit and you will receive power," is clear--that's what the book of Acts is about. Freedom begins with, "Ye must be born again," John 3:7, the victim needs the Lord in his heart, and then the power to remain free of evil spirits and their influence follows with the filling by the Holy Spirit.

Besides having the victim's consent, before you tangle with casting out a spirit or casting off a spirit, be filled with the Holy Spirit yourself. Read and understand the Word; have pertinent passages memorized. The Word spoken in Jesus' Name by faith has more power than most of us ever tap into. And faith, not just yours but the victim's faith, comes or is increased and grows by hearing the Word, Romans 10:17. Spend a lot of time in prayer before you begin, Mark 9:29. Speak to the person you are to help, speak the Word to them and grow their faith so that they can co-operate with you by lending their faith and giving you the authority to do the job. You must be oozing Holy Spirit power to tangle with casting out a demon, otherwise it will attack you, Acts 19:13-16. Also, if the Holy Spirit is in agreement with you that this is the time and the place to cast out a demon, He will nudge you to act. If you do not have an unction from Him, He is not in agreement to do it and you will be out of His will. However, it's absolutely true: the Lord always wants to cast out demons, it's just that He may have a particular timing in mind or there may be some circumstance which you cannot see which might call for a delay. Pay heed to His guidance. If you move when He desires you move, speak when He puts the words in your mouth, you cannot go wrong, though the results you observe may not be exactly what you expect. The person who you are trying to help has a role in the matter and you may not understand all of the ins and outs of his situation.

Silencing a spirit is something you can do in order to gain a window in which to witness to a person or obtain relief from someone who is being influenced or for someone who is being harassed, but the evil spirit will not remain silent. The only way to achieve that goal is to cast it out.



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QUESTION: Thanks so much for your swift and thorough response! I love healing and deliverance ministry and I agree with you on all these points!
One more question if you don't mind...
Have you encountered spirits that continue to return to a Christian's home? We have worshipped, anointed, prayed, cast out but find the spirit returning. The spirit seems to be more annoying than anything as if to make its presence known.


Someone in the house may have a chink in his armor that's allowing the spirit to hang around. Each member of the household needs to get on his knees before God and ask that the chink be revealed so the person can fix the problem.

On the other hand, what may be happening is that your family has been giving the devil a lot of trouble lately and he's trying to get you to back down. In this case, nobody is doing anything wrong, you're doing everything right! Jesus warned that we would be persecuted and we know that persecution often or even usually originates with the enemy. You can ask the Lord to post angels on the four corners of your property. Also, what our family does every morning as soon as we get up is to pray for the Lord Jesus to cover us with His Blood to protect us from sickness and evil. Our children usually ask also for protection for our crops and equipment from all dangers. The enemy can't get anywhere near Jesus' Blood!

Also, play praise music when you're not singing it yourself, Psalm 8:2, even little children can run off the devil by praising God--he can't stand to hear it, it makes him ill, so he leaves.



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