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The wedding at Cana: The wine that Jesus turned water into; the word used there is "oinos". Which is Greek for wine. Not grape juice. That would mean, of course, wine made from the fermented juice of grapes. A number of pastors and preachers I have heard over the years insist that what Jesus produced was the non alcoholic juice of grapes, not wine, apparently offended by their own personal stance concerning the consumption of alcohol. I am in no way trying to justify the use of alcohol with this question. Just searching for  an accurate and truthful interpretation of what happened at this event.

Those pastors are mistaken. Even the text say that after the guests were slightly drunk they appreciated the replacement wine because it was so potent.

The rite comes into Christianity from the Jewish rite, which is done with wine (fermented). Due to alcoholism and other related issues there is nothing wrong with using (kosher) grape juice, some non-Orthodox Jews do. This is the alternative however not the norm.


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