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I need a reference book explaining how the 4 Gospels are in harmony and add light to each other concerning parts that are vague in one gospel but have more info in another gospel concerning the same subject.

Example: It's written Barnabas and Paul had a disagreement about taking Marcus.
But in that one book it never mentions exactly why.

Yet, if we read another gospel we read that Barnabas and Marcus were related.
Marcus had never been there and probably only wanted to go to visit family and see the sights and Paul knew this and didn't agree with it.
Paul probably knew that Marcus didn't have the right mind set yet for what him and Barnabas wee going to do.

But because Barnabas and Marcus were related and that was their place they went together and Paul didn't go.

That's my rough example of what kind of book I'm looking for.

Do you understand?

A book that explains all 4 gospels and all the parts in them that aren't known in one book but become evident in the other.

Do you have any suggestions on YouTube video's of commentators speaking on this matter or of any books?

Hi Steve, glad to hear from a fellow Buckeye!

If I'm understanding your question, you are looking for a commentary which will address how the Gospels relate to each other.  If you have a specific church tradition (Roman Catholic, holiness, reformed, Presbyterian, etc.) I can suggest books in that tradition, but I'd check out a few of the following:

Parallel of the Synoptic Gospels : Lines up all three synoptic Gospels.  Easier to see the similarities and discrepancies.  

Check out some free online commentaries at:

Most decent commentaries will cross reference with other Scriptures that are relevant.  Depending on what part of Ohio you live in there are several libraries at Christian universities that will have a wide range of titles that address thematic issues and delve into divergences between the Gospels.

As far as a book that explains how the four Gospels work together, I suggest Discovoering the New Testament.

Hope this helps!  As always, I welcome any follow-up!


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