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can you believe this??

"...there are sins too ruinous, and too serious to receive pardon. Such are murder, idolatry, fraud, denial of Christ, blasphemy, and of course adultery and fornication...Christ will no more intercede for those: he who has been born of God will never commit them: if he has committed them he will not be a son of God." ?? Tertullian AD 200

what do you make of this statment by tertullian?? its hard to believe.


If my memory is correct, Tertullian is addressing this within the greater context of Baptism and Salvation.  I believe he's trying to point out that a Christian would not commit such sins.  While this may seem like a difficult concept perhaps we can ask, "can a person be filled with the Holy Spirit and commit murder?"  The Bible makes it clear that our faith will produce fruit, and I'm not sure that sin is one of those fruits.  So, what I believe he is getting at is that if somebody is committing these sins they are not a Christian.  The last statement suggests that Christ would not intercede because a person is not born of God.  That is not to say they would not later be born of God and be cleansed of their past sins. Neither does it suggest that someone who claims Christ now but actually experiences salvation later would not be cleansed of sin.

If I were going to translate it to be a dynamic equivalent I would translate it: "If you claim a relationship with Christ yet are  intentionally delving into sin you are walking outside of God's will, and are not accepting his grace.  If you are not a believer and sin Christ will not forgive your transgressions as you have not received Him as Lord."  Today, the temptation is to distill faith down to believing the right things about Jesus. Faith is following Jesus, and even one with a young or weak faith has the ability to avoid such traps is adultery, murder and fornication.

Now, if my understanding is all wrong and Tertullian is suggesting that God will never under any circumstance forgive such sins then I would totally disagree.

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