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Why did God not include the tribe of Ephraim in Revelations, as one of the tribes to consist of the 144,000 righteous?


Listings of the twelve tribes of Israel don't always show the same names: Genesis 35:22-25; 49:3-28; Exodus 1:1-5; Numbers 1:3-50; 25:5-62; Deuteronomy 27:12-13; 33:7-26; Judges 5:12-19; I Chronicles 2:1-2; Ezekiel 47:13-48:35; Revelation 7:4-8.

Ephraim and Manasseh are called the half-tribes of Joseph because they were Joseph's two sons, sometimes they are named that way and "Joseph" is not listed. Revelation names Manasseh and Joseph, but leaves out Dan and Ephraim. Of all the lists, the list in Revelation is the only one to leave out Dan. The list in Judges is clearly incomplete. The list in Deuteronomy 33 leaves out Simeon.

Regarding Revelation's omission of Ephraim and Dan: Toward the end of his reign, Solomon fell into idolatry. God said through the prophet, Ahijah, that Jeroboam would rule 10 tribes of Israel if he would listen to God and obey Him. Jeroboam was of the tribe of Ephraim. When Solomon died, the people gathered at Shechem to make Rehoboam, Solomona's son, king of Israel. He was a cocksure young man full of pride. Jeroboam showed up and advised Rehoboam to lighten up on the taxes, but Rehoboam listened to his peers and said he would double down instead. Jeroboam led a revolt. God intervened in the war on Jeroboam's side and ten of the tribes left Israel and made him king. But Jeroboam decided his security lay with idol worship instead of with God. He set up two golden calves, one in the land held by Ephraim and the other in land held by Dan. Because Rehoboam still held Jerusalem and Jews were required to do certain offerings and observe certain feasts in Jerusalem, Jeroboam felt he needed to set up a separate system. He didn't want the people going to Jerusalem and hanging out with other Israelites and advocating reunification. The ten tribes fell into idolatry and were later conquered and scattered throughout the Gentile world. See I Kings 11 & 12.

Because Jeroboam was an Ephraimite, Ephraim's sin was to set up a system of idolatry. Dan's sin was to go along with it. Thus these two tribes are not named in Revelation. The 144,000 mentioned in Revelation are Messianic Jews who become preachers of the Word testifying of Messiah in the last days. However, they are not the only Jews who will be saved, they are just chosen vessels to preach and do signs and wonders in Jesus' Name. So, apparently, because of the ancient sin of idolatry, there will be no Ephraimites or Danites in that group, but later they will be redeemed and reunited with their brothers and sisters. It is God's desire to reunify and redeem Israel. Ezekiel mentions both Ephraim and Dan receiving land grants in the millennial reign.



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