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I was reading through your profile and read down toward the bottom were you were qouting matt 7. About the narrow gate and the narrow way. You know Matt 7 has several scary verses.  To me thats very scary as a christian to know for one, the Gate is narrow, and The road after you find the gate is narrow to or hard to walk. Then matt 7:21-23 tells about the people thinking there getting into heaven and don't. Its really scary if you stop and think about it. Todays world puts it as if it were just so easy. But walking the walk is what God wants. Walking in the light, holiness, godliness, loving one another. A faith that produces good works and sincere heart that walks in righteousness. Now with that being said lol you talking about separating the sheeps from the goats, That will separate them.  I understand Jesus made us holy and we are justified by his blood, but like you said we have to walk the walk also. Love God back and walk in his ways.

Hi Josh,
Thanks for reading through my profile and I'm glad Mt. 7 spoke to you as it has to me.

I pray you stay strong in the faith and "walk the walk" for without holiness one cannot see the Kingdom of God. There is a huge Kingdom out there!


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