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I am trying to remember where in the bible I read (I think it was at the end of Solomon) that it basically says that all in life is of little matter but we are still supposed to do the best we can and honor God. I think it was Solomon because he was the wisest man to live, given his wisdom by God, and he was trying to make the point that even though he had wealth, women, kingdoms, jewels etc., none of the things of this world mean anything but knowing that, we are still supposed to do the best we cam and obey God.

Can you please give me the book, chapter and verse where this is located?

Hi Charlie,
Thank you for writing. I think if you dwell in Ecclesiastes 2:14-26 you will find what you are looking for. There you read about a grown man, not a child anymore, but a grown man who can look back and enjoy a sense of accomplishment_____ and we find a person seemingly in complete agony about his life. He's looking over all he's accomplished and all he has now, and he's left wanting.  He describes his endless pursuit of earthly pleasure as "a chasing after the wind."  ...... a vapor.  In utter despair, he declares that there's no difference between the walk of the wise person and the walk of the fool.  Wow!  It sounds to me that Solomon is disillusioned.  (Disillusionment, you understand, is simply the loss of illision! So as you look for your answer Charlie, do take this fact into consideration.

Note: Moses was disillusioned, as was David, Judas Iscariot - the list is endless.  My point, we've all experienced disusionment at some point in our lives. It's how we handle disillusionment that separates us from the rest of the world.

As you look for your answer, may I sugggest that you read Luke 12:13-21.  Jesus shared this, it's a story about one who 'chased the wind'. It's written for us today.
    He was a wealthy man - a very intelligent man. A frugal man who knew how to save rather than spend all that he had.  He knew how to plan ahead. In fact, he thought beyond the present and prepared for years to come. As a relult, he became a very successful man. His only problem was a problem of success - expansion.  His success afforded him a great measure of independence and control, and needless to say, it brought him a great deal of satisfaction.  In fact, as a result of his success, he experienced a strong sense of security.  The future was bright. The bottom line was, he was set for years to come......
         .......But you know what Charlie, God called him a fool!

Note: Charlie, understand that this man isn't stupid - he doesn't lack keeness of mind, nor intelligence.  His problem, he's being foolish.  Here's the point. Foolishness is quite different than stupidity.  A fool is one who lacks judgmet and good sense.  In the teachings of Ecclesiastes and the teachings of Jesus, foolishness infers to a disregard for God. Godly wisdom, you see, is a grasp of true reality with a cirresponding sense of moral judgment and action.  What I;m saying Charlie is, an intelligent person 'can' be foolish and a stupid person wise.  And it follows that a successful, wealthy person, can be foolish, and a pauper can be wise.  It all depends on their regard for God.
    ............Point of story: The man's problem isn't wealth - it's foolishness. His
     problem is twofold.  A foolish delusion that leads him to a foolish distraction.
      "As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is."  Solomon wrote that.

Charlie, as you seek your answer, I leave you with these thoughts to ponder.

Life is about choices/ But remember, when you make a choice you also choose the consequences.
 *Solomon's barns were full!
 *He built Palaces/Temples/Cities!
 *He had wine, womwn, and wealth!
     ...............In his words, he said , "I had it all!"  But deep down, in the depth of his soul thre was a black hole.  Something was telling him there had to be more.

I hope these teachings lead you to your conclusion you are seeking. Indeed, we are to put our trust in God, not man or material things. Man's ways are foolish apart from God.

In His grace and love,
Reverend Ramona Stonecipher  

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