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Passages in both the old and new testament indicate that either God the father or Jesus imparted God's spirit or the breath of life upon people. Does this mean that the human race does not always have the breath of life and has it only at certain times?

Hi Colin,

You asked whether the breath of life is temporary or permanent in humans.

The short answer, without trying to be either cute or rude, is that we have the breath of life as long as we are breathing, and after we stop breathing, we no longer have it.

Psa. 104:29 ". . .you (God) take away their breath, they die, and return to their dust."
In Isa. 2:22, (in the context of not worshipping idols, nor being followers of) man, ". . .whose breath is in his nostrils:"

However, there is an overlap between the breath of life and the subject of what is the human soul, and what is its nature.  Perhaps this is what you had in mind in asking your question.

In Gen. 2:7, we see that God formed the first man out of dust (and water), but he was not alive, or "living" until God breathed the breath of life into his nostrils.  Without oxygen, the body does not work.  Without the body working, it does not get oxygen. It is somewhat like the chicken and egg question, [which is one reason scientists, trying to prove evolution, argue over which subatomic cell functions evolved first when they can only work concurrently.]  Only here, we are told that God created the body of Adam and somehow jump-started the circulatory system.  It is described in terms that are easy to understand, somewhat like a "mouth to mouth" resuscitation.  

We also notice in v. 7, that when God "breathed" life-giving oxygen into Adam's nostrils, "man became a living soul".  This says that man became a soul, not that he was given one.  In Gen. 3:19, Adam was told that came from dust and would "return" to dust.  We are told in Eze. 18:4, 20, ". . .the soul that sins, it shall die" [not live in torment].   "His breath goes forth, he returns to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish." (Psa. 146:4).

For a scriptural explanation of what happens at death, see "Okay, I'm Dead, Now What?" at

In referencing the new testament, we assume you are referring to Acts 17:25.  
If, however, you had Jn. 20:22 in mind, where "he breathed on them and said unto them, Receive you the holy ghost (spirit)", then please resubmit your question, as we do not want to take space to address this here, if this was not your question.  
The holy spirit is something that God gives (2Kings 2:9, Eze. 37:14, Joel 2:28-29, Lk. 11:13, 2Tim. 1:7), that can be in us (Gen. 41:38, Num. 27:18), that we can "quench" (extinguish, like a fire) within ourselves (1Ths. 5:19), and it can be taken away from us (1Sam. 16:14, Psa. 51:11).

If we did not properly understand your question, or if you have other questions on this or other subjects, such as the nature of the human soul, or the nature of God's holy spirit,  feel free to write anytime.  All scriptures are KJV unless noted otherwise.

We hope this helps.


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