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QUESTION: Does God or will God physically heal through specific individuals...or is prayer the answer.
I believe Jesus performed miracles while here on earth.

I have a difficult time believing that divine power or even appearance of power was granted to modern day people. There are obvious fakes but then there are less known individuals that "heal"

I believe Jesus does heal or renew in or day. I don't understand it but I do accept it.

ANSWER: Hi Mark,

James 1:17 tells us that "every good and perfect gift is from above ...." That means that God is ultimately the source of every good thing. That includes health and healing.

How does God provide that healing? The Bible reveals that, at various times in the past, some healing came about miraculously at the hand of a prophet, Jesus, or one of Jesus' disciples. But typically healing takes place through medical treatment. We pray and trust God to do His part, as if it's all up to Him, and we take responsible action, as if it's all up to us. That's faith and works complementing one another. (See James 2:20-26.)

Are modern day faith healers genuine? I doubt it. My understanding of the Bible leads me to believe that such miracles are not the norm for this day and age. Miracles are God's way of authenticating a messenger when new revelation is being given, such as the arrival of the Messiah and His offer of the Kingdom, or the giving of the Mosaic Law to the nation of Israel following their deliverance from Egypt. But I Corinthians 13:8-10 tells us that we have all the revelation God has intended for us at this time in the Bible. So I believe that miracles are not "needed" in this day and age.

Further, I have yet to witness a faith healer who was able to provide definitive proof of a miraculous healing. With Christ and others, there was no doubt that it was a miracle. With faith healers, it just plain smacks of a con game.

That is not to say, however, that God is not at work in the healing process, that healing cannot sometimes be called "miraculous," or that prayer and reliance on Him is unimportant. God is the Great Physician, and it is He who ultimately does the healing.


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QUESTION: I believe that miracles take place all the time and ultimately bring people to Christ because of them. Why do you believe that miracles are not needed today?


It depends on how you define "miracle." Some people define it as anything God does. However, I believe a miracle is something that so clearly rises above the laws of the natural universe that it's clear that it must be a God thing. For example, the birth of a baby is definitely something God does. Some may even call it a miracle. But it does not fall into the same category as parting the sea, walking on water, or raising a dead man to life.

If you look at history, you will see that miracles were prevalent when God gave new revelation to mankind. The miracles were His way of authenticating the message. Today we are not receiving new revelation, so miracles are not needed.

Read Luke 16:27-31. The rich man asked Abraham to send Lazarus back from death to warns his brothers about the danger of hell. This would have been a miracle--a man rising from the dead. But Abraham answered by saying that they did not need a miracle, nor would they have been likely to respond to it. What they did have was enough--the Scriptures (Moses and the prophets).

What's the point? Miracles are not God's primary way of communicating with mankind. Truth is, and that's why we have the Bible. The role of miracles was secondary--to authenticate that God was the author of the truth being communicated.


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