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I was wondering why exactly do SDA think that the seal or mark of God is the Sabbath, though the arguments I heard were good im not totally convinced yet.

Firstly why would God make 1 of his ten commandments the seal, because really from 1 to 10 in Gods eye they carry the same value. Secondly Paul states that one man keeps one day holy where another every other day, so the Sabbath question in a hole is debatable. Thirdly if the keeping of the seventh day Sabbath is the seal then that would mean that a so called Christian would have the seal of God with out even being saved,and there are many of these Christian in EVERY denomination. Some would say that God gave the Sabbath specifically just to the nation of Israel. Further if it is the Sabbath the why do you say that it is on Saturday, because for me my week begins on Monday the when the weekend comes,being Saturday and sunday, my week ends of these days thus sunday being the last and thus broadly know as the first working day would be Monday, making the 7th day for me in my eyes sunday.

Personal when it comes to Gods seal I am still of the opinion that it is the holly spirit, which came to us through the death of the lamb, and just as in the O.T where they offered a lamb and by its blood where the people of God spared so to will by accepting the holly spirit of God, be Gods seal thus showing the people are saved

Hi Gawynne,

You have raised several good points with which I would agree. The only point with which I would disagree is the one about "when" the Sabbath is. According to Genesis 2:1-3, the Sabbath was established during the creation week on the 7th day. That's not something that has changed.

Many older Roman Catholic catechisms  state that the Sabbath change to Sunday was implemented by the RC church. Catechisms written since Vatican II usually do not state that but attribute the change to the Apostles in NT times. The arguments to that effect are weak. Bacchiocchi's book is probably the best treatment of the Sabbath/Sunday issue.

Adventism is being rocked by  social issues [homosexuality, feminism] in addition to the usual confusion about justification by faith. Strangely, evolution is also making inroads into Adventism and threatens traditional views about Creation and the Sabbath, as well as the veracity of Scripture. One excellent feature of the denomination is the "health message" which I heartily endorse.

Thanks for your inquiry. I wish you well.  

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