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Do you believe in signs?

I've corresponded with others who say that everything I see is mostly coincidence.

I've prayed for many things in life.

I prayed to be healed of my ulcer. I have never taken medication for it, except to clear the infection. When I got it there was no medical cure. I never had to be hospitalized over it though, not even when I had ecoli. I went in to the hospital twice staying one night each for a procedure. I did find a cure but never used it out of fear. All it was, was drinking alo Vera.

I prayed to be healed of my stress with my mother since I was 16. I go out a lot more in the past three years then in a decade. New medication really helps. I met a lot of nice people whom I visit.

I prayed for a move to L.A. To study. I never went, but I met a man from there who was an expert in the field I wanted to study. Not a nice guy, but a lot of his advice was helpful.

I prayed to get a gf, but never have, EVER. But I've met women who knew me ten years ago and said they might have dated me. I know of two others who liked me but I never said anything. A fifth one asked me out but I said no cause I was to scared.

I am currently praying for something important. A lot of times I lose hope, and faith. That's when sometimes people send me notes telling me they are praying for me. Or I find something telling me not to give up on prayer. Sometimes I hear about something very closely related to my need.

Are these coincidences, or a God talking to me.

Faith is a certain understanding of life. It is not based upon signs, but the understanding--not simply the belief--that God, Infinite-Creative Intelligence is working in a constructive, wholesome way in life.  Prayer is an affirmation of that truth.  The Bible says that "all things (all situations) work together for good to those who love God."  The "good" means that life proceeds according to a Divine Plan, which is constructive, not random or haphazard.  Prayer attunes us with the Divine Plan.  Things may not happen as we think they should.  God, as the all-seeing eye, sees both present and future and guides and "answer" accordingly.  As the poem "Desiderata" says, "life is proceeding as it should."  When you pray, consider praying as an affirmation: "The ewer-present, all powerful energy of God is creating wholeness in my life and situations."  Faith is the trust, the confidence, that God is, indeed, working in us.  Joel

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