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I type a packet of either random verses, or praise for God, how to improve ourselves in God's eyes and so on, dole them out to our family and we keep them in the car, on our nightstands and so on.  Pastor Hagee was going to do sermons on Solomon's 7 Secrets, but I only got one sermon.  These would be a good thing to type up for us all (family of 5 -- myself & husband, and three CHRISTIAN sons and their CHRISTIAN families.  Are we ever blessed!!!

Could you please tell me the Secrets so I can get them typed and distributed?   --And any other verses you think would be good for us, if you have time.

Thank you very much & God Bless you for offering your God-given services,
Mary Watson  (My Mom knew her Bible so well that all you had to do was give her the first few words of ANY verse in the entire Bible and she could recite the remaining.  Awesome!)

Dear Mary,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.  I thought and thought, but I couldnít figure out exactly what Pastor Hagee would consider the seven secrets of Solomon, but it sounds intriguing.  

Then things got crazy around here with deer season, and getting one ready to go in the freezer.  Havenít quite finished that because I had to get a tooth cavity replaced yesterday.

Anyway, I love your idea of having verses around as handy reminders.  Iíve been trying to memorize more verses recently, so I have some tucked in mirror holders, etc. also.  And it is a wonderful Praise the Lord that your family and mine are Christians.  I canít think of a better blessing!

Solomon is sort of an enigma to meóreminds me I canít put God in a box, or completely understand Him.  With all of Solomonís foreign wives leading him away from God (I Kings 11:1-11), yet still there is much of his wisdom (God-given) that is in the Bible to teach us.  I think primarily Solomon is an example of someone with all the benefits anyone could have in this lifeóricher, wiser than anyone in history, a wonderful father who loved the Lordóyet still, he messed up big time.  Thatís one reason why I think what God wants from us even more than perfection (which is, of course, in our best interest), what I think God wants most is our reliance on Him, our constant awareness of our desperate need for Himóphysically for our very breath, and having the Holy Spirit to be alive spiritually, needing His wisdom for financial and time management decisions, what to eat (or not to eat), will power to exercise to be a good steward of our healthóin everything God is so much needed.  I am so thankful for my Rock for eternity, but I do get caught up in everyday things and forget Him sometimes.

Thank you for reminding me of my blessings.  I also had wonderful parents, like you.  It really is awesome to see Godís blessings flow down the generations.


P.S.  You may have already looked online for Pastor Hageeís sermons on Solomonís 7 secrets, but if not, maybe you would find something, or maybe call his ministry and see if you can get the sermons?

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