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What is the difference in the Authorized King James version and the King James version of the Bible? I see some websites has both to read and search from.

"King James Version" is actually not the proper name of this version.  Rather, it is the nick-name of the Authorized Version, used most commonly in the USA and Canada.  "Authorized Version" comes from this version being authorized by the Church of England (the Anglican / Episcopalian Church)for use in its churches.  The translation was sponsored by James I of England, hence King James Version, because he wanted a non-sectarian Bible for common use in the churches of England, with no special notes promoting one set of doctrines.
As the Authorized Version / King James Version is an Anglican version of the Bible, it was originally published with the Apocrypha between the Old and New Testaments.  The tradition of publishing the version without the Apocrypha began in the USA in the early 19th century.  You can still get the unabridged KJV (in paperback) from Oxford University Press and Penguin Books.
The Authorized Version was replaced for use in Anglican Churches by the Revised Version in the late 19th century, then the New English Bible and the Revised English Bible in the 20th century.  All three versions also have the Apocrypha.
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