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In the Acts of Thomas he is "claimed" to of received the lot to go to India and preach the Word.

Problem is, the Acts of Thomas is considered a heretical writing and that's why it wasn't included in the Christian New Testament in the later editions of the Bible.
The Acts of Thomas is claimed to of been written around 200-225 AD.

Question is, "Which Apostle went to India to preach the Word?"

   Short answer -- no one knows for certain.  What we do know is that the earliest Christians in India were part of the Syrian church -- now known as the Syrian Orthodox Church.  As we find definite word of this Christian community in the 5th century, it is possible that the gospel came to India after the apostolic age -- by someone later.  The tradition that Thomas brought the gospel to India is not limited to the Acts of Thomas, though that is the most important source for the tradition.
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