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QUESTION: In the Acts of Thomas he is "claimed" to of received the lot to go to India and preach the Word.

Problem is, the Acts of Thomas is considered a heretical writing and that's why it wasn't included in the Christian New Testament in the later editions of the Bible.
The Acts of Thomas is claimed to of been written around 200-225 AD.

Question is, "Which Apostle went to India to preach the Word?"

ANSWER: There is, as you rightly point out, no Biblical record of any apostle traveling to India to preach the Gospel.  It is likely that the first Christian witness in India was several generations after the time of the apostles.

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QUESTION: But do you know how the Word may have got to India during the 1st c. AD?

You wrote, "It is likely that the first Christian witness in India was several generations after the time of the apostles."
NO, this is not true.
Have you read the New Testament thoroughly?
The answer is there.
I've been looking at how the Word got to India the wrong way.
I told a family member about the concept of "How did the Gospel get to India?"

Some time passed and as that individual was reading, the answer became clear.
So simple, yet so hard if one doesn't read the New Testament properly with understanding.
Like a fool I was looking at heretical writings not thinking the answer could in the Bible plain as day if I'd only of looked righteously.

My channel is KnowWhatYouBelieveIn and I think I'll post a short video explaining the answer to disspell the "accusation by the Satanic children of India "claiming" Christians plagiarized from Buddhist writings.

To answer your questions directly, no, it is not explicitly stated how Scripture was introduced in India in the first century.  Yes, I have read the New Testament thoroughly and do not see any direct evidence for a Gospel witness in India.  I welcome your insight and ask that you provide references from the Bible to support the idea.  The teaching of Christ is very different from the teaching of Buddha, based on my limited understanding of Buddhism so I think I agree with your statement regarding plagiarism.

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