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What are the Similarities and Differences in Catholicism and Protestantism ?

Are there different churches for both ?. i.e. Catholics go for worship and praying the all mighty to a different church and Protestants go to a different church ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Dear Prashant,

There are more differences than similarities in belief systems of catholicism and protestantism.  Neither of these terms are from the Bible but both claim to derive their doctrines and practices from the Bible.  On the surface, both will claim faith in Jesus Christ but there are differnces in belief of Who He is and how we relate to Him.  There are different churches for the two categories but there is a more uniform set of doctrines (and fewer variations of churches) in catholicism.

The differences and similarities are too many to provide a lot of detail here.  Briefly, catholicism -- specifically Roman Catholic belief -- says that we must obtain access to God through an intermediary (a priest) and cannot have a direct relationship with God.  Protestant belief generally states that we are all priests and can directly pray and receive forgiveness from God.

I hope this personal perspective answers some of your questions.

- Roy

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Thank you.

Christianity Religion is broadly divided into two different Divisions  or Communities viz Catholics and Protestants.

This are my views mentioned below from my side.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God has founded the religion Christianity. Mother Mary is Mother of the Lord. Both are Great. The Holy Churches are open to all whether Catholics or Protestants and not only Catholics or Protestants but to all other religions.

I personally born Hindu religion by birth visit Different churches
St Lewis Church, Mount Mary Church, St Michael Church. The Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters of those churches allow me to enter the church, pray and worship before the All Mighty. I get mental peace. They do not stop me to enter the church just because i am from a different religion.

I personally feel Catholics should be allowed to visit the Protestants Churches and Protestants should be allowed to enter the Catholics Churches and they should do this.

I also personally feel there should be a common church for both the communities and not different churches for the Catholics and Protestants communities.

Note : Mother Mary is Mother of the Lord itself. Both are Great.
God is Great. Regarding my above opinion and views, can you please reply me with your views ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Dear Prashant,

It is true that there are two major divisions.  However, there are smaller divisions within catholic and protestant groups.  Indeed, I agree that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  The Bible clearly states that He alone is the way to God, that no one can come to the Father (God) except through belief in Him as the Son.  Mary was the mother of Jesus but is not to be worshiped, even though she was "highly favored" by God.  Jesus is God, Mary was human.

I also agree that everyone should be allowed to attend a service in any church, regardless of what they believe.  I also believe that some churches -- the majority -- do not teach what God intends and what Jesus taught.  Therefore, there are large differences in practice and belief between churches; this is the reason they are separate.  Because the Bible is the Word of God, that is what a church should use as the basis of worship.

Best wishes,
- Roy

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Thank you.

Statistically if we take a count of Total Number of Catholics and Total Number of Protestants in all countries, which will be more in number ?.

This can be calculated by the simple mathematical formula of summation.

Just As a example,

1. Country : USA Total Number of Catholics : 2000000. Total Number of Protestants : 1500000.
2. Country : United Kingdom Total Number of Catholics : 1500000. Total Number of Protestants : 2000000.

Total Number of Catholics in the world = Sum of Catholics in every country.
Total Number of Protestants in the world = Sum of Protestants in every country.

As we know, Every Christian baby born in a family will be either a Catholic or a Protestant.

Note : The above example does not show any real figures, the numbers shown are taken just for computation.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant,

It seems we are getting off topic of Bible studies, the subject of this category.  In addition to the fact that I do not know the number of catholics and protestants, there are other religious beliefs that would not count as either (such as Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Shintoist, etc.).  What matters less is into what "kind" of family one is born; what really matters is what one believes.  What a parent believes may have little impact on what the child follows when he is older.  

kind regards,
- Roy

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