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QUESTION: Dear Patricia

What are the Similarities and Differences in Catholicism and Protestantism ?

Are there different churches for both ?. i.e. Catholics go for worship and praying the all mighty to a different church and Protestants go to a different church ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: As I understand it Martin Luther was imprisoned and chained in a dungeon cell reading in the Holy Bible that believers on Jesus were to live by faith, a concept not yet adopted by Catholics.  Upon learning of Luther’s God-given revelation believers were divided in their belief splitting into two camps, Protestant and Catholic.

However, an additional truth of it is that no denomination IS the church.  It is we in Jesus, individually and collectively, who ARE the church.  We in Jesus have become a “new” creature (Gal.6:15, 2 Cor.5:17).   We have BECOME the church of God (1 Cor.10:32, 1 Cor.1:2, 1 Cor.15:9, Gal.1:13), Jesus’ living body (Col.1:24).

No matter where believers fellowship the living body of Christ is there.  The church of God is within every congregation throughout the entire world.

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QUESTION: Dear Patricia

Thank you.

Christianity Religion is broadly divided into two different Divisions  or Communities viz Catholics and Protestants.

This are my views mentioned below from my side.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God has founded the religion Christianity. Mother Mary is Mother of the Lord. Both are Great. The Holy Churches are open to all whether Catholics or Protestants and not only Catholics or Protestants but to all other religions.

I personally born Hindu religion by birth visit Different churches
St Lewis Church, Mount Mary Church, St Michael Church. The Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters of those churches allow me to enter the church, pray and worship before the All Mighty. I get mental peace. They do not stop me to enter the church just because i am from a different religion.

I personally feel Catholics should be allowed to visit the Protestants Churches and Protestants should be allowed to enter the Catholics Churches and they should do this.

I also personally feel there should be a common church for both the communities and not different churches for the Catholics and Protestants communities.

Note : Mother Mary is Mother of the Lord itself. Both are Great.
God is Great. Regarding my above opinion and views, can you please reply me with your views ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

I personally to not believe we will ever see the day that Catholics and Protestants will join in common fellowship to worship together.

But, it is comforting to know that within each separate congregation/denomination in fellowship the living body of Christ Jesus is within.

That is because when we are drawn to Jesus by God the Father (Jn.6:44) accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior we BECOME a “new” creature (Gal.6:15, 2 Cor.5:17).  We BECOME, individually as well as collectively, the living body of Jesus Christ (Col.1:24). We BECOME the church of God (1 Cor.10:32, 1 Cor.1:2, 1 Cor.15:9, Gal.1:13).

The church of God is within every congregation/denomination throughout the entire world.  

The world call us Christians (Acts 11:26); God declares we are the church of God (1 Cor.10:32)

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