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What are the Similarities and Differences in Catholicism and Protestantism ?

Are there different churches for both ?. i.e. Catholics go for worship and praying the all mighty to a different church and Protestants go to a different church ?.

Awaiting your reply,

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Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Hi Prashant,

I'm happy to discuss this topic with you. This will be rather brief as I don't know how much information you want. If you would like more detail please write back.

Jesus (Y'shua in Hebrew) was a Jewish rabbi and reformer who lived and taught in the first century CE. mainly in Judea. He and all of his students were devout, Torah observant Jews.

30 years after his execution by the Romans they destroyed the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem (in 70 CE). The Jews were forced from their homeland and dispersed throughout the known world.

Over the next 300 years the Jews and Gentiles who followed his teachings gradually merged their beliefs with those of the Roman Empire and abandoned Judaism and Torah. The Roman ruler Constantine united all the religions of the empire into a new universal (Latin: catholic) religion known as Catholicism (Universalism).

That new religion later divided into two groups, the (Roman) Catholic Church and the (Eastern) Orthodox Catholic Church. Both groups remain significant today.

Much later, at the Diet of Speyer in 1529, a group of Catholic Reformers led by Martin Luther signed and posted a petition consisting of ninety-five theses (statements of faith and demand) to express their dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the Roman Church and its doctrines. This protest developed into a major split within the (Roman) Catholic Church. Those who were excommunicated and/or voluntarily left the Catholic Church are known as Protestants (i.e. Protestors).

Protestants have their own churches, clergies, rules and beliefs (divided into an ever growing number of separate sects or denominations). Most Protestants have little to nothing to do with Catholics and vice versa. At times their differences have led to bloodshed, even wars.

All segments of Christendom (the Christian world) base their essential beliefs on the fundamental dogmas developed by Constantine and the early "Church fathers," however there are also many differences, some significant.

The Eastern and Western Church look somewhat askance at one another and both reject the legitimacy of the Protestant churches outright. Protestants vary widely in their views but as a general statement the Eastern and Western Catholics are view negatively by them.

Hope this is useful to you,
Yochanan (John of AllFaith)

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Thank you.

Christianity Religion is broadly divided into two different Divisions  or Communities viz Catholics and Protestants.

This are my views mentioned below from my side.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God has founded the religion Christianity. Mother Mary is Mother of the Lord. Both are Great. The Holy Churches are open to all whether Catholics or Protestants and not only Catholics or Protestants but to all other religions.

I personally born Hindu religion by birth visit Different churches
St Lewis Church, Mount Mary Church, St Michael Church. The Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters of those churches allow me to enter the church, pray and worship before the All Mighty. I get mental peace. They do not stop me to enter the church just because i am from a different religion.

I personally feel Catholics should be allowed to visit the Protestants Churches and Protestants should be allowed to enter the Catholics Churches and they should do this.

I also personally feel there should be a common church for both the communities and not different churches for the Catholics and Protestants communities.

Note : Mother Mary is Mother of the Lord itself. Both are Great.
God is Great. Regarding my above opinion and views, can you please reply me with your views ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Namaskar Prashant,

The creation of the Catholic and Protestant churches is as I described before. These three divisions (not just two) remain firmly in place. As a Jew who accepts the Jewish teachings of Y'shua (Jesus) my views are significantly different from yours, although I do respect them.

Much of Catholic doctrine is grounded in its unique traditions, including the adoration of Mary as theotokos or "mother of God," rather than the Bible. The adoration of Mary is one of several key barriers between Catholics and Protestants (as Jews). Protestants will never that belief/tradition.

The Catholic Church allows Protestants (and anyone else) to attend their services but does not allow non-Catholics to partake of their communion rite. There are many people who want to see a reunification of the Catholics and Protestants and minor steps have been taken in that regard but there remains critical barriers.

I believe God looks at the heart and accepts all who seek to worship according to their knowledge and ability. Having said that, I also believe the Bible is clear that Y'shua (Jesus) is Jewish and that Judaism is the only religion he taught and accepted.


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Thank you.

Statistically if we take a count of Total Number of Catholics and Total Number of Protestants in all countries, which will be more in number ?.

This can be calculated by the simple mathematical formula of summation.

Just As a example,

1. Country : USA Total Number of Catholics : 2000000. Total Number of Protestants : 1500000.
2. Country : United Kingdom Total Number of Catholics : 1500000. Total Number of Protestants : 2000000.

Total Number of Catholics in the world = Sum of Catholics in every country.
Total Number of Protestants in the world = Sum of Protestants in every country.

As we know, Every Christian baby born in a family will be either a Catholic or a Protestant.

Note : The above example does not show any real figures, the numbers shown are taken just for computation.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

There are far more Catholics than all other Christian sects combined.

The Vatican says there are currently 1.18 billion Catholics, one in five of the global population.

Islam is still largest.

According to the Pew Forum there are 801 million Protestants, making them 37% of the global Christian population.

How Christians are calculated varies and so these are only rough estimates. Being born into a Christian family does make one Christian.

For Catholics children must first be "confirmed" and formally admitted into the Church. Protestants vary. Most require a personal declaration of faith (usually made around age 12-15) and be baptized.

Peace, Love and Light,

~ Yochanan

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