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How long did Job go through trials n tribulations?m

Hello Delois...Thank you for allowing me to answer this question. How long Job suffered has been a topic amongst theologians for quite some time. There are scholars that have claimed the suffering lasted for periods of 1 week to 1 year. The apocryphal book 'The testament of Job" states the suffering lasted for 7 years; The Jewish Encyclopedia states it lasted 12 months.

However, we find the in study of our Bibles, the length of time cannot be known for nowhere does it state the length of time of his suffering. The best we can do in estimation is refer too scriptures such as Job 7:3; Job 29:2:

Job 7:3

King James Version (KJV#

3 So am I made to possess months of vanity, and wearisome nights are appointed to me.

Job 7:3

New International Version #NIV#

3 so I have been allotted months of futility,
   and nights of misery have been assigned to me.

Job 29:2

King James Version #KJV)

2 Oh that I were as in months past, as in the days when God preserved me;

Other scriptures speak of the "days" of Jobs suffering: Job 2:13, 30:16, 30:27 etc.

So from the Bible, we can only say that Jobs suffering lasted for months. However, the number of months cannot be determined.

I hope this answers your question. If I can be of further assistance too you, or clarification is needed, please feel free to follow up.

God Bless and Keep You

Rev. Darryl Murphy

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