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There are so many different version of the bible - what im wondering is where do they all come from - are they all taken from the oiginal king james version, or are they taken from the ancient greek manuscripts? Or is some other method than these used? thankyou for taking my question

Hi Pete.
The King James was translated from Hebrew & Greek.
There were translations before this, even.
The modern versions usually go back to the Hebrew & Greek.
There are some versions, called paraphrased.   The Philips Bible is one, and I understand the man wrote it for his daughter.
I would use a version that you understand.
The main idea of the Scripture is that man has sinned.  There is no sin in God's presence.
We can't take care of our sin.  Jesus was the perfect sacrifice and paid for our sins.
We must count on Jesus to be our Savior and make Him Lord of our life.  We know Him better by reading His Word.   Eternity is a long time, so it's the most important decision one makes in his/her life.
Enjoy reading your Bible.
Your friend.

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