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QUESTION: Dear Edward

1. Do you agree on this point mentioned below ?

The teachings of the Holy Bible - New Testament summary would be
Love, Compassion, Brotherhood and Peace.

2. The five qualities mentioned viz Hate, Jealousy, Greed, Lust and
Anger are obstacles for showing Love, Compassion, Brotherhood and Peace. i.e. Every Human Being (Man or Woman) has these qualities
in percentage (%), for example some may have less jealousy, hatred, greed, lust but anger could be more.

Do you feel if a Human Being overcomes, controls and manage these
qualities, this could lead to Love, Brotherhood, Compassion and Peace universally ?

Can you please share me with your views on this ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Nice to hear again from you, Prashant.
You have chosen five important themes from the NT. To strive to conquer the opposing vices is a worthwhile key.
However, for me to explain my thoughts on your selections, I need to know for whom you intend your message.  In other words, who is your audience/readers?  To communicate effectively, one needs to know the persons with whom one wants/intends to convey the desired message.
So, please tell me the intended audience of your effort.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Edward

Thank you.

The audience and readers would be we all common people who believe in the teachings and preachings of the Holy Bible. The teachings and preachings which Lord Jesus Christ taught us to live i.e. Love, compassion, brotherhood, charity, faith.

Edward, i also got one more very important answer from another expert saying you missed the most important point of the Holy Bible, all others were right. The point you missed was "Love God".

I thank you all from my heart for the answers given to me for my doubts, queries and questions. I am not an expert in the Holy Bible - New Testament, but i will be studying the same in my spare time in the near future.

All this questions from my side are to learn the Teachings and Preachings of the Holy Bible.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

In the NT: Loving God and one's fellow-humans is a most important theme.  Jesus proclaimed the necessary putting-together of the two greatest commandments  -- the love for God and for one's neighbor.  He showed us how to be a neighbor -- help others.
The pinnacle of Jesus' teaching:  Because of God's love for mankind, whom He created, God wills that we attain eternal life [everlasting and perfect happiness].  In return for such an attainment, He asks us [and gives us the help that we need] to love God with our whole being and to obey all the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.  
Compassion, brotherhood,and peace flow from love of God and neighbor.

May God give you, Prashant, an abundance of His merciful help as you strive to learn His truth and message!  

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I hold graduate degrees from three universities in Rome [Italy]: Pontifical Gregorian University, Pontifical Biblical Institute, and the University of St. Thomas. I also have a master's degree in English.

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