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Dear Marilyn

1. Do you agree on this point mentioned below ?

The teachings of the Holy Bible - New Testament summary would be
Love, Compassion, Brotherhood and Peace.

2. The five qualities mentioned viz Hate, Jealousy, Greed, Lust and
Anger are obstacles for showing Love, Compassion, Brotherhood and Peace. i.e. Every Human Being (Man or Woman) has these qualities
in percentage (%), for example some may have less jealousy, hatred, greed, lust but anger could be more.

Do you feel if a Human Being overcomes, controls and manage these
qualities, this could lead to Love, Brotherhood, Compassion and Peace universally ?

Can you please share me with your views on this ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hello Prashant;

Please pray that the Lord will break the drought in our area. Day after day for over 2 years we have had only a few showers and snow falls. The ground is hard below layers of dust. If the spot has not been watered with water from a well, the plants are dead and no one can walk without kicking up dust. Last year we lost an entire field of corn because the wind full of sharp dust particles cut the tender young plants down. After the corn was gone, the top layer of soil blew away and formed dunes in the fence line a foot deep. A neighbor has had to cut down all his trees because they are dead. We are blessed to have underground water, but after two years farmers are saying they must drill deeper for water. This cannot go on for much longer.

In our state persons are not allowed to slaughter horses. There is not enough hay to go around. In a place where we used to grow some of the most beautiful hay, we have little or none. Horse owners cannot afford to feed their animals, but they cannot slaughter them either. To put a horse down and bury it costs thousands and thousands of dollars. If the horse owner had those thousands of dollars, he would feed his horses! So, people must watch their horses die or try to sell them or let them loose on land far from town.

Humans who do not own horses and know nothing about what it takes to feed them have kindness and love in their hearts. They think horse owners are evil for wanting to slaughter their animals. They have made these laws that forbid horse owners from slaughtering their animals. In their love and compassion they doom many horses to slow, painful and miserable deaths.

Clearly the love and compassion people have toward horses is not enough, they need wisdom also and they do not have it, but they believe they have it! In fact, they believe they have more than the horse owners and that they have the right to tell horse owners what is best for their horses!

In the United States people have much compassion for the poor. During the Lyndon Johnson presidential administration leaders had the idea that it would be good to give money to unwed mothers to help them through their hard times raising their babies by themselves. So, the leaders made laws and regulations and began giving money to unwed mothers. At the time there were very few unwed mothers because the culture looked down on pregnancy outside of marriage and collectively the people put pressure on one another to avoid that fate. Black families struggled to make a living. A new kind of slavery had come into existence in the south that limited their choices by law rather than by a slave owner's will. During the Johnson administration these laws were coming to an end. However, they were not all gone, some black families worked two and three jobs to earn enough money to take care of their families. Those laws which limited their choices are now all gone, but today blacks must deal with an even more awful form of slavery: fatherless children.

When black fathers saw how much money their families could get from the government if they simply left the home, many of them abandoned their families. Most had the intention of coming back often, but even a good long-distance father is not as effective as one who lives in the home. Soon children were growing up without fathers in black communities all over the US. Boys who grow up with no father do not know how to behave as men. They get into trouble, they kill one another, they have many lovers, but do not know how to be husbands and fathers. Girls who have no father do not know how a man should treat them and they are abused or used for sex and abandoned when they become pregnant. Black males start gangs hoping to create the family structures that they did not have as children, but their gangs center around gaining power through violence and intimidation. They kill one another and spend time in prison. Black women struggle to raise babies by themselves. Many get abortions. These are the unintended consequences of leaders' good intentions.

Without wisdom from God and obedience to Him, human beings cannot even be compassionate to one another without creating more problems than they solve. First, it is not the government's job to take care of unwed mothers, it is the church's job. This was their first mistake--thinking government could do this job. Only the church can simultaneously help unwed mothers and make it clear that pregnancy outside of marriage is sin. Only the church can give the individualized attention each unwed mother needs. Though the church will do a better job than the state, even the church will not do this perfectly because imperfect human beings inhabit the church.

A young man grows up mocked by his father and abused. When he reaches maturity he makes up his mind that he will not treat his children the way his father treated him. And so he is resolved. He works on his rage, he works on his self-loathing, he works on his depression. He works very hard, but as soon as he comes home from work too tired to fight all these problems and deal with the screaming wife and the undisciplined children, he doesn't have the strength to stick to his resolution. He beats his wife and children, he belittles them and perhaps he adds to these woes by drinking himself into a stupor. In the morning he hates himself even more. A husband who hates himself will beat his wife because she is his other half. In marriage a man and a women become one flesh. He beats her because he hates himself. If this man goes to a psychological counselor he may learn some strategies to help him deal with his problems, but he will not be healed. Only God can heal heart wounds. And until God heals heart wounds a human being is not capable of doing much good. I know this is true because my father abused me and until the Lord Jesus healed my heart wounds I was incapable of doing good.

So, the answer to your question is: no, human beings cannot overcome their flaws sufficiently well enough to fix their own problems; they must have Jesus in their hearts and surrender their lives to Him, obey Him and allow Him to remove the infection of sin from their inmost beings before they can achieve brotherhood and peace.



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