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Dear Kristopher

1. Do you agree on this point mentioned below ?

The teachings of the Holy Bible - New Testament summary would be
Love, Compassion, Brotherhood and Peace.

2. The five qualities mentioned viz Hate, Jealousy, Greed, Lust and
Anger are obstacles for showing Love, Compassion, Brotherhood and Peace. i.e. Every Human Being (Man or Woman) has these qualities
in percentage (%), for example some may have less jealousy, hatred, greed, lust but anger could be more.

Do you feel if a Human Being overcomes, controls and manage these
qualities, this could lead to Love, Brotherhood, Compassion and Peace universally ?

Can you please share me with your views on this ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar


I would agree with you that some of the core teachings of the New Testament are love, compassion, brotherhood and peace.  Beyond this, however, the primary purpose of the New Testament is to reveal who Jesus Christ is as well as how we live holy lives.

I think that sin management, or trying to control our own jealously, hatred, etc. will only allow us to coexist.  Even then, what happens when one person fails?  How could we hope for a universal peace when the first person to choose otherwise would ruin everything.  Ultimately, sin mitigation will never pass for holiness.

On the other hand, if we are full of the Holy Spirit we are no longer simply trying to manage behavior, but we are totally in line with the will of God.  Even the term peace used Biblically isn't about absence.  We often think that peace means a lack of conflict but "shalom" means not only the absence of conflict, but the presence of total well-being.

So my view is that rather than attempting to suppress sin we instead focus on following Christ. This will lead to so much love, compassion and peace in our lives that we have no desire for (or time for) hated, jealously, greed or unholy anger.  Each of us being sanctified would lead to total peace and well being.

Kris Browning  

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