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Dear Marilyn

What could the reasons that we as common people cannot perform the miracles performed by Lord Jesus Christ ?

is it because of the following reasons ?

1. Lord Jesus Christ had Love, Compassion, Brotherhood, Charity, Peace, Showing Mercy, Kindness and so other noble qualities which we as common people do not possess.
2. Lord Jesus Christ didn't had any of this evil qualities viz
Greed, Lust, Jealousy, Anger, Hatred which lead to commit sins
in our life.
3. We as common people are born with worldly things viz money, material etc, Lord Jesus Christ was not bounded by those worldly things.

Can you please share your views on this ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant,

Jesus said, "Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father," John 14:12.

When Jesus came to earth He emptied Himself of everything to become a real and true Man. The miracles He did, we can do because He did everything with the same resources that are available to us, Philippians 2:7.

We do not need to be perfect to see miracles be done, but we do need to follow Jesus' example. He had one quality that most of us lack: He was utterly, completely and wholly devoted to the Father in Heaven. His number one priority in every given day was to spend time in prayer. He was in constant prayerful communication with the Father. His second priority was do do exactly what the Father wanted Him do to, John 5:19.

In the book of James, written by Jesus' half-brother, he talks about how our double mindedness--or in the Greek, two-soul-ed-ness, destroys us and keeps us from being and doing all we could be and do as Christians. We are only half-heartedly devoted to God; we only half-heartedly obey Him. We give the Lord only half of our hearts and with the other half we pursue the baubles and trinkets of this world.

Miracles are happening wherever the people are utterly and wholly devoted to God--Paul describes this state of being as "in Christ." We must literally, spiritually enter into Christ's "body." What this means is He becomes our all in all; our everything, to Him we devote every fragment of energy and every thought--we give Him our entire hearts, nothing held back. Always and only Christ. If Christians would do this, they would see miracles.

In his autobiography, "Living a Life of Fire," Reinhard Bonnke talks about the miracles that happen when people will believe with their whole hearts. "The Heavenly Man: The Remarkable True Story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun" is the story of a Chinese Christian man who gave the Lord Jesus his whole heart and the miraculous things God has done in and through him. When I have given the Lord Jesus my whole heart, the Lord has done miracles for me and through me. If the Lord can do miracles through me, He can do them through you or anybody who will believe and give Him their whole hearts.

To be "holy" in the Christian sense is not to be purely good, but to be utterly and completely devoted to God, nothing held back--the word "holy" means "set apart." To be "set apart" for God means that we renounce this world and all its baubles and trinkets and we become God's possession--we are His and His alone. This does not mean we will be perfect, but that even in our imperfections He works through us and in us because we cling to Him and listen to Him and strive to obey Him always and always.

These things are required if you would see miracles:

1) give your heart utterly to God and believe Him. Believing God means you simply believe what He says. Jesus discusses this in Mark 11:20-24. He tells us, "Have the faith of God" (Yes, God has faith. Faith is the substance of everything, it is the underlying power that created the universe and holds it together--God's Faith is the "unified theory" human physicists seek! Hebrews 1 and 11).

Jesus tells us, you shall have what you say when those words are spoken with the power of faith behind them. You have seen a person whine and whine about how sick he is, well, surprise, surprise, he becomes or remains sick and often gets worse! He is receiving what he is saying because he is speaking a thing he believes! And lastly, in this passage in Mark, Jesus tells us, when you ask for something believe it is already done before you even see it happen and give thanks to God. This is how to operate by faith.

2) study the Bible. If you do not know what God has promised to you, you do not know what things He has already said He will do for those who believe. Remember, you shall have what you say. Look at Genesis 1. Whether this description of the creation of the universe is scientific or not is not relevant. For us in this moment we need to see one important fact: God created the universe by speaking it into existence; He received what He spoke. If you see in I Peter 2:24, "For by His wounds you have been healed," you are seeing a promise from God for you and everyone who will believe. Notice: "have been" is past tense, in other words, as far as God is concerned, the His part of the work is done! God has spoken the words, He has placed them in His Word for us to discover and claim as our own. The Lord Jesus purchased your healing when He was beaten as He went to the cross. He has said, "you are healed." Now speak those words yourself, believing that you have already received your healing as Jesus directs us to do in Mark 11, do not speak words of sickness or doubt (as James warns us against in his book); speak only those same words God has caused to be recorded in the Bible for you and you will be healed. But if you do not study your Bible, you will not have those words God has spoken living in your heart and mind. If they are not in your heart and mind, you cannot speak them in faith.

It is important that a person speak and hear the Word of God. Paul tells us in Romans 10:17, " comes by hearing." Our faith is increased and grows by hearing the Word of God. So, we should read it aloud to ourselves as well as think on it in order to grow in faith.

3) be in communication with God. Begin the day thanking Him. Praise Him. When we praise God, He comes to us and is with us; we are spiritually in His very throne room, Psalm 22:3; even babies can silence the devil by praising God, Psalm 8:2. After praising Him, be quiet and listen for His voice. Practice listening. He will nudge you with an impression or an idea, He will literally speak in your Heart.

4) obey God. God always asks Christians to do scary things--these things are always good, but scary. Give a stranger a ride; speak to that frowning man; give that man some money; give him your entire sack of groceries; go next door and pray for the person who lives there...these are all simple, but scary things because we do not know the stranger, he might beat us up; the frowning man might shout at us; the man who wants money might use it to buy drugs; the sack of groceries cost money and time, now I'll have to spend more money and take more time to go get them again; the person next door might be angry with me for intruding... But if we will do these simple things, God will give us greater and greater things to do. And because we obey Him, He will give power to our deeds so that they will accomplish more than we ever dreamed.

Even the deeds we think failed, God will blesses.

My first husband was killed in a car wreck--he was asleep at the wheel--when I was pregnant with our son. I married again a year later, but this man was addicted to drugs and abusive. I did not know this until we had been married for several months. He lost his job and our car was broken down. He said, "I need a job close by so I can walk to work." I asked God to give him such a job. The newspaper delivery man started stopping outside our house and looking at the house every day. He did this for several days before he finally came up to the door. He said, "God has told me that I am to give you the job I need filled." The newspaper delivery man had the contract to paint newly vacated apartments. The job entailed painting the walls only of apartments in an apartment complex only two blocks away. The newspaper delivery man would supply the paint and all the tools at the site and my husband only needed to come and do the painting. My husband was very proud, he said, "No." The newspaper delivery man was stunned. He was certain that he had obeyed God, and he had, but he thought he had failed because my husband said no; he thought that he had not heard God properly. Little did he know, he had done precisely what God wanted. God answered my prayer and the man was obedient to Him, but my husband was too proud to receive the blessing.

It is important to remember that just because things didn't work out the way we thought they should that that does not mean God has failed! This is a challenge to Christian faith. We think that if things didn't work the way we thought they should God did not answer us. I hope that the newspaper delivery man continued in his faith in God and was not shaken for long by my husband's stupidity. Neither he nor God failed.

(God answered many prayers while I was married to that man. He did many miracles. He never failed, but my second husband refused God's help. Eventually I was forced to seek divorce. The man who is now my husband is godly and good.)

In Acts 1-4 God is establishing His church. The Apostles have done miraculous signs and many people have come to faith in Jesus as Lord. In Acts 4:13 we read what the religious leaders of the day thought of the Apostles, in the Greek: aggramatoi idiotai--literally, illiterate ignoramuses. And they were. All through the Gospels the disciples of Jesus were selfish, blind, silly, proud, fearful, cowardly--all the things we are. They were ordinary fishermen and one was even a hated tax collector. If God can take illiterate ignoramuses who will give their entire hearts and lives to Him and change the world forever, He can do the same with you and me! But only if we follow their examples and give the Lord Jesus our all.



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