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Dear Mrs Priscilla

What could the reasons that we as common people cannot perform the miracles performed by Lord Jesus Christ ?

is it because of the following reasons ?

1. Lord Jesus Christ had Love, Compassion, Brotherhood, Charity, Peace, Showing Mercy, Kindness and so other noble qualities which we as common people do not possess.
2. Lord Jesus Christ didn't had any of this evil qualities viz
Greed, Lust, Jealousy, Anger, Hatred which lead to commit sins
in our life.
3. We as common people are born with worldly things viz money, material etc, Lord Jesus Christ was not bounded by those worldly things.

Can you please share your views on this ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Thanks for writing again, Mr. Akerkar.  Looking at the message of the Bible as a whole, miracles are used for specific purposes, not as a general rule (else they would be considered natural, not miracles :-)
   The way I understand it, God created the world, time, and humans to have people willingly choose to trust Him to reflect His glorious image. Genesis 1:26, 2:17  If God planned for everyone who made the right choice to be able to perform miracles whenever, people would choose God for the wrong reason.  John 6 is a long chapter that contrasts physical bread of life with spiritual Bread of Life.  Verse 26 shows that a response to miracles causes many people to seek God for the physical benefits, rather than to have daily ďconsumptionĒ of Godís Word, verse 63, in order to reflect His glory.
   Jesus proved by His miracles that He was the fulfillment of Godís promised plan to save us from our sins. Matthew 1:21, Galatians 4:4-5  John 10:37-38
   Through miracles, the apostles were able to spread the message of Godís plan of salvation without the printing press, without radio, TV, or the internet.
    The miracles did not always save Christians from suffering agonizing physical death from lions, being burned alive, etc. but they did point to a wonderful, powerful, forever which was worth suffering limited agony for, compared to an eternity in hell.  
   Perhaps there will come a time when miracles are again more common, but that is in Godís time and plan because Godly miracles are under His control, not ours.  To try to force Godís hand may tend to blind us to His truth.  Matthew 7:22 seems to indicate people performing miracles thinking they were using Godís power, but evidently they were deceived into using Satanís power, because Jesus said He never knew them and for them to ďdepart from Me, ye that work iniquity.Ē
   May we trust and follow Him as He leads us through His Word every day.
   Mrs. Lyons

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