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Dear Rev Ramona

What could the reasons that we as common people cannot perform the miracles performed by Lord Jesus Christ ?

is it because of the following reasons ?

1. Lord Jesus Christ had Love, Compassion, Brotherhood, Charity, Peace, Showing Mercy, Kindness and so other noble qualities which we as common people do not possess.
2. Lord Jesus Christ didn't had any of this evil qualities viz
Greed, Lust, Jealousy, Anger, Hatred which lead to commit sins
in our life.
3. We as common people are born with worldly things viz money, material etc, Lord Jesus Christ was not bounded by those worldly things.

Can you please share your views on this ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant,
Thank you for writing. Let me begin by quoting Isaiah 55:8_____
      "For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
       neither are your ways My ways," declares the Lord.

As a Christian, I'm quite sure that God is able to perform miracles. But to answer your question Prashant, I feel it necessary for us to dig a little deeper and first address the question, "What is a miracle?"

Let me share three Hebrew words, from the Old Testament, that are linked with miracles.
       1. Pala = means "wonderful" or "marvelous". Pala is used to describe God's acts in     
creation or in history, and it expresses the wonder and awe that his acts stimulate in us.
       2. Mopet = also means "wonder," "miracle," or "sign."
It's used most often of God's acts when delivering Israel from Egypt and in caring for his people afterward.
       3.  'ot, is used most widely and means "a miraculous sign" in about eighty of it's Old Testament uses.

Summary: Looking at the OT uses of these words, we see that miracles are obvious and clear acts of God in time and space, and they have a special impact on the observer.
    *Plagues on Egypt - intended to deepen Israel's faith (Ex. 6: 6-7).
    *Plagues used to confront the Egyptians with the reality of Jahweh (Exod. 7:5).
    *Plagues used to show the powerlessness of Egypt's gods by revealing the power
     of the true and living God ( Exod. 12:12).

In the New Testament, lets look at four more Greek words.____
     *Dunamis = often translated "miracle" emphasizes an act as an expression of divine power.
     *Semeion = means "sign," in the sense of an authenticating mark or token.
     *Teras = meaning "wonder."
     *Erga = meaning "work."
Miracles in the New Testament were understood to indicate the doer of the miracle was God's messenger.

Summary: So, what is a miracle?  In the biblical sense Prashant, it is a 'direct intervention' by God in our world of space and time; it is God clearly and unmistakably setting aside natural law so that the supernatural course is recognized by observers. Typically miracles are expressions of God's power exercised to aid his people. In fact Prashant, biblical miracles not only unveil God's power, but also reveals God's intention to use his power for his people rather than against them. God gave Moses such signs to show the elders of Israel and Pharaoh that God indeed had sent him (Exod. 4: 1-9).  Jesus' miracles were proof that he spoke and taught with authority (read John 5:2).

Note: An often ignored fact___ The history of God's people in both Testaments is not marked by a continuous flow of miracles. The fact is, miracles are associated with very specific and limited times in Bible history, As I mentioned earlier, one of these times is the Exodus period, another is the day of the propets Elijah and Elisha, another is the time of Jesus and the earliest years of the New Testament church.

Note: The Bible does foretell one other time when miracles will be common. It is the time of the Antichrist, when Satan will exercise his supernatural powers to deceive those who have not trusted Christ. You can read about this in 2 Thess. 2:9-12.

So now we come to the question, "Do miracles happen today?"_____
  As a pastor, I have many precious ones express to me that "a miracle" has happened to them or a loved one.  Often, these dear ones are not using "miracle" in the distinctive biblical sense (review my earlier remarks).  They may share about having a serious illnes and being told they have only a few months to live.  They prayed, their friends prayed, and when they returned to the doctor the disease was gone!  The doctor had no explanation.  The stories are many.  Such stories express a very important Christian conviction Prashant, we Christians BELIEVE that God INTERVENES today as He has in the past, and that He INTERVENES to help us.
Our sicknesses are subject to God's power, and he can indeed heal us.  Our situations are never "hopeless," for God remains able to change them.  And let me say this Prashant, people who hear our stories can dismiss the "miracles" as a "spontaneous remission of the disease" or as a "happy coincidence," but they would be wrong. God isn't locked in to the "normal course of events."  He can and does shape events to his will.  Devout believers, Prashant, are firmly convinced that the God who at times has set aside the normal course of events, is fully able to work through everyday circumstances.  Point: In the sense in which most believers use the word "miracle", the miraculous is more common than most might think.  We have a great God!

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