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Dear Mr Ross, I was sorry to hear of the way Strathclyde Police have treated you. I have written to the Chief Constable expressing my dismay. I thought the police were supposed to be impartial, but on the subject of homosexuality, that is certainly not the case.
Remember the Lord honours those who honour Him, and by standing up for traditional marriage you have honoured Him.
Yours in Christ.

Hello Donald

I have been amazed at the number of clever people who have used this medium to contact me - every one with a lovely message of support.

Thank you very much, for your own encouragement.  This has all been an "unintended consequence" of my writing to the Scrutiny Committee - but I am at peace in the knowledge that, from His vantage point in eternity, the Lord not only sees what is happening, but sees how it is all going to work out!

You may find today's post on my blog to be of interest!

Blessings, and shalom.


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I am happy to offer answers to anyone with a question that refers to the Christian Faith in its widest possible sense. I believe that the Bible is the living Word of God, and seek to base all of my life on its teaching. I also have some knowledge of some of the cults, and of Islam and Judaism. Of course, my answers are just one man's thoughts, and I would always advise a questioner to check with others, and with the Word of God.


Served as a full-time parish minister in Scotland for about six years, and then spent the last thirty as a teacher (now 'retired') of Religious Education in Secondary Comprehensive schools (ages 11-17) while continuing my own preaching and teaching ministry. I have spent three years as a voluntary Chaplain with Strathclyde Police Force. I also believe that learning is a life-time process, and have recently completed a Master's degree in Divinity. I now spend most of my time in France, ministering mainly to English-speaking groups.

Former Presenter on Revival FM - a local Christian, community radio station, broadcasting in west central Scotland, and online at Involved with a number of organisations that support Christians who are currently suffering persecution in some 70 countries around the world. Until the formation of the new Police Scotland Force, I was a Chaplain with Strathclyde Police Force, deployed within 'Q' and 'N' Divisions, and also responsible for the Force Training and Recruitment Centre.

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